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 member directory, mandatory
LAUZ lauz she/her est Offline
734 posts
fandom heartsigh
age immortal
occupation queen
species god
prefers she/her
award cabinet
member directory
lets keep track of everyone
this code make look a little complicated at first, but we're doing it really simple this time. you can edit your own posts so you can add and subtract characters as you make/delete them. in order to color your character's name, you should be able to see what we did, but if you can't, here's what you do. find <usergroup2> and </usergroup2> inside the code to add more characters and change that to just the name of your group: capitol2, terminus2, halcyon2, pandora2, zephyr2, cascata2, vesper2 or wayfarer2. make sure to change both of those codes from usergroup2 to your group's name the 2 at the end is very important. that's the only customization you need to do! copy and paste that entire snippet of code as many times as you have characters, obviously. it starts with two <BR> tags and ends with a </div> tag.
whisk away your heartsigh

[dohtml]<center><div id="gen1"><div class="gent">

your alias here

</div><div class="gent2"><i class="fa fa-heart"></i>whisk away your heartsigh</div><div class="genw5"><div class="genw2">

you can write some stuff about yourself here if you like. please also give us any contact information you want to give us! this can be really simple, or you can write a paragraph, whatever you'd like.

</div><div class="direct">

<BR><BR><img src="http://placehold.it/100" /> <div class="md"><usergroup2>





</div></div><div class="gent3"><i class="fa fa-star"></i>

timezone • pronouns • birthday


LAUZ lauz she/her est Offline
734 posts
fandom heartsigh
age immortal
occupation queen
species god
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
look lauz never knows what to write about herself, but here i am! site mom and head admin and i love you all. i'm 29 years old, living on long island in new york, and i am a big loser tbh. feel free to contact me through skype (munakatareisi_ -- please tell me who you are! i'm the one in new york~) and if you want to find me on tumblr, HERE i am. but the URL changes sometimes though, i'll edit it whenever it does. i do also have a twitter though i rarely use it, you can find that HERE. don't be afraid to come to me for anything (✿´ ꒳ ` )
adachi tohrupersona 4

akaashi keijihaikyuu!!

angela ziegleroverwatch

blake langermannoutlast 2

davidcamp camp


han juminmystic messenger

heiwajima shizuodurarara!!

kagari shuuseipsycho-pass

keithvoltron: legendary defender

kuroko tetsuyakuroko no basuke

mercury blackrwby

munakata reisik project

munechika mikazukitouken ranbu

nakahara chuuyabungou stray dogs

nanase harukafree!

neptune vasiliasrwby

nitori aiichiroufree!

noagranblue fantasy

oikawa tooruhaikyuu!!

prince gumballadventure time


roy mustangfullmetal alchemist

shaogranblue fantasy

shirotani tadaomiten count

shokudaikiri mitsutadatouken ranbu

tamurayarichin bitch-bu

thoth caduceuskamigami no asobi

tsukishima keihaikyuu!!

vinsmoke sanjione piece
est • she/her • may 24th

CHRISTINE christine she/her est Offline
164 posts
fandom heartsigh
age 1700
occupation crazy cat lady
species other
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hi there! i'm christine! i'm super bad at filling these things out and lauz knows that but makes me do them anyways. =/ i'm a hufflepuff and i love harry potter and i love art and music and im a big nerd so if you ever wanna talk to me feel free to add me on my skype: ohmaichristine! i just graduated with my masters in fine art and i wanna do a lot of painting and stuff and teach, and i really just like a lot of things? i'm not great at knowing animes but im trying to learn more of them in my free time, its a process, but otherwise i love a lot of different shows like game of thrones and vikings and i can talk about television or movies forever tbh. dont get me started.
enkidu fate /

iwaizumi hajime haikyuu!!

kim jihyun mystic messenger

kise ryouta kuroko no basuke

kogitsunemaru touken ranbu

koujaku dramatical murder

kurose riku ten count

lon'qu fire emblem awakening

orihara izaya durarara!!

osamu dazai bungou stray dogs

shigino kisumi free!

shimada hanzo overwatch

suoh mikoto k project

suwa reiji prince of stride

yamazaki sousuke free!
est • she/her • december 17th

BRE bre she/her est Offline
308 posts
fandom earth-616
age twenty one
occupation bitch boy
species demi-god
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hi i'm bre! i'm 22 and just graduated with a bs in earth & environmental science with a minor in marine science. i'm taking at least the summer and a semester off before grad school because i didn't apply anywhere.... rip. but i do plan on going into grad school eventually. i want to go into research or consulting work, but tbh i'm not picky at all. i'm really big into a lot of things; reading, writing, playing video/board games, music, sports. like you name it i've probably done it tbh.

i have aim, skype, ps4, and 3ds accounts, if you'd like them please pm me for them!

bokuto koutarouhaikyuu!!

ericblood bank

f. scott fitzgeraldbungou stray dogs

james ironwoodrwby

jean havocfullmetal alchemist

kagami taigakuroko no basuke

kotomine kireifate/

krugnegranblue fantasy

marshall leeadventure time

noh-varrmarvel comics

noizdramatical murder

ryu hyunmystic messenger

sun wukongrwby

tachibana makotofree!!

takashi shiroganevoltron: legendary defender
est (gmt-5) • she/her • september 6

CASCADE Cascade she/her Pacific Online
44 posts
fandom life
age 18
occupation meme machine
species Princess
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
Hello, I'm Cascade! You can also call me Cas or Cade if you want, I don't particularly mind. I live over in Oregon, and I'm gonna be going to college here too! I'm 18 years old and I've been RPing for about 8 years now. I'm an INFP, I love video games (and feel free to ask for my gamertag and/or my 3DS friend code, I go on my Xbox One and my 3DS fairly frequently). I'm usually into RPGs, but there's various other things I like too! I also draw a lot. I'm getting better at using Skype, so ask for that privately if you want it. I also have a twitter (@cascadefx) if you want to follow me there, a discord (cascadefx#7639), and Line (if you want to ask for that)!
Ana Amari Overwatch

Ashley Williams Mass Effect

Atton Rand Knights of the Old Republic II

Chloe Price Life is Strange

Deacon Fallout 4

Death darksiders

Elizabeth Comstock Bioshock Inifinte

Josephine Montilyet Dragon Age: Inquisition

lotor voltron: legendary defender

Moana Moana

pyrrha nikos rwby

qrow branwen rwby

Reyes Vidal Mass Effect: Andromeda

Serana skyrim
Pacific • She/Her • September 20

PRO pro she/her est Online
25 posts
fandom the void
age ancient
occupation dying
species space queen
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hi i'm pro! it is short for something but nobody calls me that so it's not too important to know. i'm 26 years old but i'm an old lady at heart, honestly. i'm also a huge gay trash bag who dies over the smallest things all the time i'm sorry. y'all can hmu on tumblr right over here if you want to. i also have twitter over here, but please PM me about it before you follow, okay? as far as other contacts go, i have skype, discord, and line so please feel free to ask for any and all of them if you want!! i'm open to talking and plotting pretty much whenever so don't worry about approaching me. <333
crow fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon

daniel amnesia: the dark descent

emily kaldwin dishonored

heather mason silent hill 3

hoozuki hoozuki no reitetsu

kagura demuri aquarion evol

kaname madoka puella magi madoka magica

kuja final fantasy ix

miles upshur outlast

momo mizrahi xenosaga

naminé kingdom hearts

satya vaswani overwatch

serah farron final fantasy xiii

sharla xenoblade chronicles

shinozaki ayumi corpse party

soma cruz castlevania: aria of sorrow

sophie hatter howl's moving castle

tifa lockhart final fantasy vii

togami byakuya dangan ronpa

wadanohara wadanohara and the great blue sea
est • she/her • january 10th

EFF Eff She + her Pst Offline
17 posts
fandom my own
age old
occupation bum
species human
prefers she / her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
i suck, i hate writing persona blurbs on myself. i am like not interesting at all. but if you want to get to know me let me know. my aim is effisthebestest so contact me on there i am literally on there like 24/7 right now so. <3

asada shino sword art online ii

blake belladonna rwby

five drakengard

kuroo tetsurou haikyuu!!

marceline adventure time

mayuzumi shizuma prince of stride

roronoa zoro one piece

ryugazaki rei free
pst • she + her • 01/28

104 posts
fandom BLEACH
occupation BODYGUARD / NURSE
prefers HE/HIM/HIS
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hello loves! i'm magic and i'm twenty-one years old currently living in missouri with no idea what i want to do with my life other than wanting to major in graphic design. i work at basking robbins - love the job and all the different flavors of ice cream. been role-playing for almost 12 years now starting from warriors (cat book series) to harry potter to various video games as well as miscellaneous characters from all sorts of fandoms. i promise i don't bite and if you ever need someone to vent to i'm all ears.

i do have a discord: magicalrayne (#3453), skype: epona1995, & ps4 id: magicalrayne. don't hesitate to add me but at least tell me who you are first. thank you!~







KAMISHIRO RIZE bekah she & her GMT +1 Offline
100 posts
fandom tokyo ghoul
age 18
occupation writer
species ghoul
prefers she & her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
look which shithead returned! bekah. twenty-seven. holland. biromantic/demisexual. she & her. INFJ. a real life fucking mess and really emotionally problematic. i'm going to try to keep my characters at the lone number of one! look how well i did, a month later and i'm on multiple characters, go bekah! but i'm a loser and will probably have a second character up before you could say 'liar'. you could reach me on skype, aim, pm, tumblr, or carrier pigeon. <3

akemi homura puella magi madoka magica

jack frost puella magi madoka magica

kamishiro rize tokyo ghoul

natsu dragneel fairy tail

sanjou nemu magical girl raising project

weiss schnee RWBY
gmt +1 • she & her • november 19th

96 posts
fandom RWBY
occupation REP. GUARDIAN/Mil. specialist
species HUMAN
prefers SHE/HER
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
BONJOUR MES AMIS~ ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ heyoo i'm vi, 21, hail from canadia, currently finishing up my criminology degree at uni with plans of going to law school! when i'm not studying for school or stuck in court all day, i like to spend my free time binge watching dramas/animes, playing video games, hanging out with my two dogs, and of course, rping! i'm always happy to chat so always feel free to hit me up on here, on twitter, or on skype (just ask!) ♥



Winter Schnee RWBY
MST • She/Her • March 15th

LANCE amanda she/her pst Offline
47 posts
fandom voltron
age 19
occupation actor
species human
prefers he/him
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hello my name's amanda! i'm really not all that exciting tbh. i'm 29 years old and i live in portland, oregon. i don't do too much except work, raise my puppy, and rp. i have a skype but as that is my real full name i will only give it out via pm. i do have an aim too greendraco127, feel free to add me! i also have a tumblr HERE it's kind of a hot mess but you can follow it if you want xd. i can be shy and reserved in rl until i get to know someone-but i can also be super goofy and expressive too and i often reference musicals /sing often. i think i'm overall pretty friendly, and def a huge nerd so yes. i was on here before and am hoping to stick around longer this time!

axel kingdom hearts

bolin the legend of korra

fa mulan mulan

hazuki nagisa free!

kaiba seto yu-gi-oh!

lance voltron: legendary defenders

zuko avatar the last airbender
pst • she/her • march 15

57 posts
occupation mercenary
species HUMAN
prefers HE/HIM
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
hey! i'm frost and i'm 26 years old, though soon to be 27 so we'll just go with that. i live in the pacific northwest. i'm a huge gamer, i love playing all sorts of games. kingdom hearts is one of my top favorites. i've been wanting to get back into streaming my games, so i'll probably start again next month. :o i have a tumblr (theladyfrost), and a discord. tink#8562 if you're interested. i don't really use skype anymore because it murders my computers. if you want to chat, definitely hit me up sometime!

KATARAavatar: the last airbender

MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENGmiraculous ladybug


RIKUkingdom hearts

PST • she/her • february 25

37 posts
fandom Dangan Ronpa
age 19
occupation Police officer
species Human
prefers he/him
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
henlo i'm rewriting this-

i am your local art pal and angst machine. i'm good at sad, grosnasty, and poofy boys and not much else. i'd have to say my character range is p/ diverse, but don't be surprised if i start just picking up a whole slew of villains because i like nonredeemable people. playing bad guys is my hidden talent. i've been rping for maybe 5 years and over the course of many mediums. i think i started on minecraft, tbh,,,

embarrassing nonsense aside, i love dogs and muses who behave like dogs. my current favorite dog is chow chow but shibas will always reign supreme.

o- and please PM me if you want my discord, twitter, tumblr, or w/e.

ishimaru kiyotaka dangan ronpa

zacharie OFF
MST • he/him • 08/23/94

KAIOH MICHIRU eclipse she/her EST (GMT -5) Offline
85 posts
fandom Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
age 23
occupation musician
species human (Sailor Senshi)
prefers she/her
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
Hi, everyone, I go by eclipse here, nice to meet you! Like some here, I never know what to say about myself, but I figure I’m going to give it a go. Currently I’m in my thirties and going through the job search and other things, so I’m on and off at oddest times of the EST-based day. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy, a night owl by choice and morning person by necessity, though the second is more difficult than it used to be. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching anime perhaps too much for someone my age.

If you want to get in touch, your best bet’s going to be the shippers of the characters I currently have in play (and shippers of whoever else I’ll end up playing as I stopped proclaiming ‘this is my last character’ ages ago), cbox, or PM. Otherwise I tend to, very occasionally these days, check my AIM and G-mail at wideblacksea@gmail.com or, more often, the email listed in my profile.

Kaioh Michiru Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Yuko Oshima 9th AKB0048

Ruby Rose RWBY

kou seiya bishoujo senshi sailor moon
est • she/her • august 30th

THE BATTER + dings He/him PST Offline
31 posts
fandom OFF (Game)
age Unknown
occupation Mercenary
species Monster/humanoid
prefers He/Him
award cabinet
whisk away your heartsigh
Not much to say here, really. 'm Dings, most of the time i'm known as Bat but i felt like having a character named Bat(ter) was a bit much for differentiating. i'm currently 20, gonna be 21 this June and i'm real good at Many thing. no. that's a lie. i'm moderately good at many thing, yes.

if you have need of my contact information, i don't use Skype at all anymore so it'll have to be through Discord. PM me if you wanna know more

The Batter OFF (Game)
PST • He/Him • June 5th

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