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fandom RWBY
species FAUNUS
prefers HE/HIM
personal information
mature yes triggers ask before contact discord or pm
neptune vasilias infatuated with
played by BRE
timezone EST
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whisk away your heartsigh

sun wukong

We are the champions, my friends, And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.

the basics

full name sun wukong
age eighteen
occupation entertainer
species faunus - monkey
pronouns he/him
usergroup wayfarer
fandom rwby

the powers

sun is extremely athletic, mostly due in part to his monkey faunus traits. he relies on a parkour or gymnastic style of getting around and fighting, often using his tail as an extra appendage. he's known to jump great distances and use a gymnastic style landing to be able to stop himself. he's a highly skilled climber due to his tail and the ability to use it. he also has rather good balance and can see in the dark better than the average human, but it takes a few moments for his eyes to adjust. he is also skilled in a martial arts style of hand to hand combat. also due to his faunus traits, sun has a good sense of smell and animal intuition (meaning he can detect the animal aspects of a person if they are trying to hide it).

weapon sun's weapons are called ruyi bang and jingu bang. they are dark red with gold detailing and have two different forms. the first is the bo staff form which gives off energy bursts from the ends when hitting an enemy or slammed into the ground. it is also extremely durable and strong. the second form is a combination lever-action shotgun and nunchucks. meaning that it can be fired while being swung at an enemy and will rechamber from the momentum of the swinging.

semblance sun's semblance is called via sun. a semblance is a tangible projection of one's aura allowing the wielder to have an innate and unique ability. in sun's case, he's able to project clones of himself. however, he has to stand in place and control the clones while they move, therefore he cannot be moving while casting clones. the most he's ever created at one time was two, so i'm saying his limit is three before causing potential problems to his well being. the clones are able to control a spectral image of sun's own weapon, however only of the clones at a time can have the weapon. the clones also explode upon impact with an enemy. while his semblance is activated, sun's hair and tail glow a bright yellow.

the canon

volume three, episode three. after team sssn's tournament fight against team ndgo
assignment - write about people who are important to you and why they're important to you. there's no limit to the number of people you can write about. please turn in at the end of the week.

{ r u b y }

let's start off simple, ruby is the team leader of rwby. that stands for ruby, weiss, blake, and yang. each team has a team leader (i'm one!) and a team name (our's is sssn). so ruby and the gang are from beacon academy. she is actually younger than all the other first years, something about ozpin allowing her to join because she's had all the training. plus i heard glynda caught her fight some criminal and that's how ozpin learned of her.

all i know is ruby is a bad ass. she doesn't hesitate to face a challenge head on and she'd even do it herself. though her team won't let her, ha. which is kinda a good thing, team mates shouldn't let others do stupid things. but it'll be a sad day when my guys can stop me from having fun (read: doing stupid things all the time).

no, but really. if you don't know ruby, i suggest you meet her. she's a total sweetheart and sometimes her younger age really shows. ruby definitely makes up for her lack of age in her strength and skill on the field. she totally took down a bunch of grimm when they came out of the subway that one time. although team rwby kind of were the ones to cause the subway to explode and allow grimm into the city... but we'll ignore that. this isn't about that. oops.

back on track, right. i can do this. it's only the first person and i'm not even on my own team yet. maybe i bit off more than i could chew. whatever, power through it. what would neptune say, like this shows determination or something.

{ w e i s s }

weiss is, don't get me wrong here, weiss is nice. but she's very.. cold i guess is the right word. she doesn't really talk to me unless neptune's there and i know she has a thing for him. i mean, she asked him to the dance after all. but besides that, i've not really talked to her. but she's important to me because she's important to neptune. and people who are important to neptune are included on my list.

i'm sure once we hang out some more and spend some time together we'll get along better, though she just seems so stuck up. kind of like neptune's family and i have enough of that attitude all the time. don't need it from someone i'm supposed to get along with. that'd be lame.

{ b l a k e }

blake is one of a kind. i knew right away that she was a faunus. it wasn't hard to tell she was hiding ears under that bow, i would too if i was able to. though kinda hard to hide a tail, isn't it. anyways. blake is quiet, but she's very thoughtful. she'll spend her time researching something to make sure she has most of the facts before jumping into action. unless it involves the white fang, then it doesn't matter.

she'd do anything to prove the white fang isn't as bad as people think it is. i think she feels like she has to make up for being a part of it. wait, you're not going to tell anyone that,right? i don't think she'll be happy with me if she hears i told people more of her secrets... well since you know might as well continue i guess. she really doesn't need to make up for it though. blake thought she was doing the right thing at the time and when she realized that her ideals didn't match up to theirs anymore, she left. simple as that really.

besides, blake is more than just some faunus who used to be part of white fang. she's my friend and really, i'd do anything for her. she's the first person i met in vale and i'm glad i did. i appreciate her company when she offers it to me - though i think i ruin her quiet time a little too much. ha, oops!

but blake really does mean a lot to me. i think that i can help her become more accepting of her faunus heritage and i think in turn, she'll help me mature. sure. i'm still a kid at heart, but sometimes i need to act older. i think blake is a good person to be around and i'd love for her to be in my life for a long time.

{ y a n g }

yang is fiery. she's like a firecracker almost. looks dangerous, is dangerous. i've seen her fight and i don't want to be on the other side of her fists. it's almost hard to imagine that her and ruby are sisters. they're completely different honestly. like yang is the day and ruby is the night. i just don't understand how they're related... like are we sure they're siblings?

yang is so kick ass though, she could totally fit in with team sssn. don't tell the guys that, i'd never replace them with a girl. i mean that's what team sssn has going for us, we're all dudes! and team rwby is all girls. it just works. like i'd say yang is probably who i'd be if i was a girl and not a faunus. she'd be me. i don't know, her and blake are probably my two favorite girls i've ever met.

{ j a u n e }

so this dude is pretty cool. juane is the leader of team jnpr. i honestly haven't talked to him that much, but it's kind of like with weiss, neptune likes him so i like him. i mean he's cool enough to learn that neptune doesn't know how to dance, so he's got to be some what chill. i've liked spending time with him the few minutes that i have. but i wouldn't mind getting to know him better and finding more about who he is. he just seems really chill and he's funny so he seems like my kinda guy.

every time i see juane though he's always smiling or always practicing. i've got the smiling part down, but i really admire how hard he works. i know i definitely couldn't work as hard as he does, i'd be exhausted. though it's gotta help having pyrrha on his team to push him while he's training. gosh, i'm glad i've got my team instead of some other, i don't think i'd survive.

{ n o r a }

ohhh gosh, nora is a hoot. there's barely a moment of silence around this girl, i love it! she's always ready to go and so rambunctious, even i have trouble keeping up with her and i have a tail! it really amazes me how easily side tracked nora gets though. you ask her a question about history and next thing you know, you're talking about food. it's a little confusing at first, but i think i've finally gotten the hang of it. though kill me now if there isn't a pattern to her rambling and it's all just off the top of her head. if that's the case i don't think i'll ever figure her out.

i do wish that i had her spunk.. she's just always so peppy and it puts me to shame. i mean i know i try to be positive and upbeat all the time, but i just can't compare to her level. she's probably reached a legendary status by know. it's a wonder how lie ren is able to stand it all, he's such a quiet dude.

{ p y r r h a }

want to know what perfection looks like? pyrrha nikos. she's gorgeous, smart, talented, and funny. basically everyone's dream girl. and yet people tend to assume that she's out of their league so they don't even try to be her friend. i almost feel sorry for her, but then i remember she has juane and nora and ren and all the rest of us.

i do think she'd beat me in a fight, i mean come on, she never loses! i think i'd be able to learn a few tricks from her, but that would involve swallowing my pride by allowing her to put me on my butt. and that just doesn't sound like a fun time.

also i think her crush on juane is the cutest ever! though i don't know if it's a real crush or not. it just seems like one to me at least and i think juane and pyrrha would be adorable together. plus, they're always running off at night together so it just fits. like a little team romance never hurt anyone, right?

{ r e n }

i already said this, but lie ren is so quiet. i bet he isn't like that around his team, but whenever i'm around it's like the man never talks! i don't know if you've noticed or not, but i don't like the quiet that much. i love being in the middle of things and hearing noise around me. i'm constantly looking for something to do so that i'm not bored and sitting in silence.

so it just baffles me how someone can be content with saying so little. granted, his fighting skills are superb, but it's such a contrast to his personality i guess. i mean i haven't spent that much time with him, so it's just a basic impression, but i don't think i'm too far off, right?

{ s c a r l e t }

after me, scarlet is the next on team sssn. he's the one with the red hair in case it wasn't obvious. he's super awesome and his partner is sage. that's why they have more paired attacks together, just like neptune and i have a lot of paired attacks together. i didn't actually know scarlet until we started school together, i mean i did move to mistral just to attend haven academy.

uh anyways, this isn't about me, this is about scarlet right now. you wouldn't expect it, but he's insanely funny. like you don't expect to hear a joke from him because he looks so grumpy all the time (sage too for that matter), but he's got some seriously funny jokes. also i call him a pirate for many reasons - his weapons are basically weapons pirates used!!, he wears that weird cape/coat like thing, and he knows his way around a boat. i bet you anything, in a past life scarlet was a pirate.

{ s a g e }

last s on the team is sage! that's the green haired guy by the way. he's definitely the brains of the group in the way that he always makes us think before we act. i'm really happy to have him on my side because he keeps the rest of us out of trouble a lot. plus he's great with that huge sword of his. like i don't want to ever make him angry.

we've both got that no shirt thing going on, showing off our rocking bodies, ha. i don't know, but shirts and most clothes are just so uncomfortable! sage is really nice though, he always helps me with my homework whenever i need it which is so great. i'm sure i would've been kicked out of haven by now if he hadn't busted my butt on doing my work. he's kind of like the dad of our group really. which i guess would make scarlet the mom? but scarlet's not really the mom, more like the older brother that just rolls his eyes at almost everything. that was a stupid metaphor, ignore that and moving on!

{ n e p t u n e }

and finally we have neptune. or i usually call him nep and when i really want to bug him i call him neptune the fourth - he hates that though. i usually don't just because he's my friend and i know he doesn't like using his full name. plus adding the fourth to his name reminds me that there's other neptunes that don't like me because of who i am. load of crap that is, i'm great.

though not many people in mistral seem to think so. there's not a lot of faunus in mistral and i'm one of a very small handful at haven. it's sort of a given that if you're a faunus, you're looked down on and usually bullied and i'd just grown used to it, learned to fight and hold my own. but being in a new place, new school, not knowing any one, it was hard. until i met neptune at least.

he helped, having a friend, a real friend in mistral. sure, i had others before he just walked up one day and grinned at the blue headed nerd, but there was just something about him that made me pause and want to be his friend. he's basically the sun in my life and he always makes me smile. we may have different reasons for wanting to be hunstmen, but i know his are more than just wanting to get away from his family. i know he has a little bit of "save the world" syndrome somewhere inside his head.

i don't think any one really knows this either, maybe sage since he can pick up on things easily, but neptune really means a lot to me. i'd honestly be so lost as a leader and i probably wouldn't have made it this far in mistral without him. he doesn't know i was planning on quitting haven and moving back to vacuo the day after i met him. but knowing that a vasilias was willing to be my friend and it seemed like he didn't even care that i had a tail. it made me pause and i decided to stick around a bit longer to see what would happen and well, i'm still at haven and i have a best friend too.

there's just something about nep's dorky smile and pretty blue eyes that i couldn't leave him even if i wanted to.i know he likes weiss, i can see it in the way he flirts with her and maybe that's why i like blake so much. because she's a way to forget about the blue hair and the blue eyes and the gentle voice as he corrects me whenever i call him a nerd.

i guess that's all i have to talk about. i mean i could mention my parents or ozpin or whoever else i wanted to, but i started with my friends and ended with my best friend, so i think adding anyone else would be weird.


this is sun and he's basically real sunshine trapped in a person. he's actually super friendly and loves having friends, so it's rare that he meets someone he doesn't like. now sun is not your average human. in fact, he's a faunus. which means he's a human animal hybrid basically. so in sun's case, he has a monkey tail - which also means some cool abilities like using his tail as an appendage as well as somewhat night vision and various other things. check his app section out for a more detailed weapons/skills list. but basically just imagine a ray of sunshine who has a good time, all the time, and that's sun.


he loves people, but sometimes they don't love him. in remnant, faunus were often looked down on, so he's used to being bullied and not having many friends. but i imagine as an entertainer, he'll have more acquaintances than real friends? though sun will consider everyone a friend unless they try to hurt someone. he's also friendly and enjoys meeting new people, so don't let the tail stop you from talking to him! he's also quite talkative.. always, so be prepared.


mean people are not his friends!!! like at all. especially if you like hurting people. he just doesn't condone it at all and his whole thing about wanting to be a huntsman (fight the grim and keep the world safe) is because he wants to better the world. so anyone going against that just isn't on his good side. though it'll take a bit to get there tbh unless it's clear from the start that you're just not a good person. however, he's also a thief from time to time so i'm sure someone has caught him stealing from them. but it's more of a hobby than a job really.


he's kinda in love with his best friend neptune, he just doesn't know it/want to admit it to himself. though sun is also a hugeee flirt and it's really just him being friendly though. i don't imagine he'd have anything long term here in elysion, though a few one night stands are acceptable. since he is a wayfarer and goes where ever he can get paid. he also doesn't know neptune likes him too. so there'll be a lot of them being dumb before anything really happens, so that's why i'm saying this is still pretty open in the beginning.

the player

alias bre
timezone est
pronouns she/her
mature content yes!


no real triggers, just ask about questionable ones!

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whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go claim your canon, claim your occupation, and member directory! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to post an introduction so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
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sun + neptune
when are you making your broposal? cause he'll take it. actually propose to him too, he'll take that also lolwat

so, since sun did steal his way aboard that ship, and the apple and stuff, idk, i just feel like neptune knows he does those sorts of things? like, does he agree? no, but is he stopping him? no. he'd be the friend that bails him out if need be, you know? i don't think he necessarily approves of sun doing that shit, but all the same, he's not his mom so LOL! but honestly, i think like, after the thread we're gonna do that i gotta make where they actually they get together, neptune would definitely be like; hey come live with me. but honestly chill out maaaan he does love his dumb faunus c:

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