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fandom YURI ON ICE
species HUMAN
prefers HE/HIM
personal information
mature yes triggers ask before contact discord or pm
otabek altin trying to romance
played by BRE
timezone EST
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jean-jacques leroy

So I ran with the devil Left a trail of excuses Like a stone on the water The elements decide my fate

the basics

full name jean-jacques leroy
age twenty
occupation choreographer/performer
species human
pronouns he/him
usergroup capitol
fandom yuri on ice

the powers

in the show, jj is shown as being a world class ice skater competing in the grand prix competitions and also at world events. he's been skating for his entire life and is extremely good at it - cocky to the point of calling himself the king. he's also a choreographer and maps out his entire routines for himself. jj is also a singer and actually sings the lead in the song he skates to during the grand prix series competition. he has the really bad habit of thinking he's the best and won't believe anything outside of that, sorry.

the canon

after his short program in the grand prix

theme of king jj

you know the cold kiss of chill air from an ice rink before you realize what it's meant to be truly held in the warm arms of your parents. you know how to skate before you can even walk. being an ice skater is in your blood, not just from growing up around it, but literally from your parents. they were both ice skaters, professional ones, before you were born. even then, your father continued to skate while your mother focused on raising you. however it's not long before you're left in a nanny's care while your parents return to skating together.

you'd never really been given the option to not skate, you were given a pair of ice skates at the age of three and told that you were going to learn. your parents taught you at first, but they had their own skating classes to worry about - not the introductory skating that you needed, but lessons for those that were trying to go professional. you'd always sit in the bleachers and watch when your practices were over, watching the way the pretty girls and boys moved on the ice. it was a dance, a tie between the ice and the skater and the music. a sneak preview just for you before it was shown for competition.

you knew from that day and all the rest, sitting in the stands, that you only wanted to be on the ice.

the ice would be your kingdom and you'd be the king.

you'd even take the throne from your parents if you had to, but that was the price you were willing to pay if it meant being the best. for the next several years all you did was practice and competitions. schooling was pushed to the side as you were told to focus on perfecting your spins and jumps. you're ten before you land your first double salchow. the delight on your face is more than apparent as you crow to your parents about how you did it and you didn't fall.

that season of competition, you work on perfecting your other doubles and adding them into your roster. you can't believe that you did so well for being so young. you easily shoot to the top of the competition pool and before long, you're the top competitor. it quickly begins to feel that no one will ever come close to touching you. no one will be able to knock you off the podium that you've come to call your own.

however that kingdom falls from your grasp at your first world competition. you hadn't thought that the other nations would put forth so much skill, hadn't thought that someone from switzerland would beat you. and yet at your first world competition you fell spectacularly from the throne. your first and last failure, you told yourself. you weren't going to feel the shame of not placing on the podium ever again. you didn't think you'd be able to look at your parents' faces again if you did. you had to place. it was the only thing of value to you by now.

school wasn't something that bothered you. your mother had taken to home schooling you after first grade, the drive to learn to skate and compete too strong to continue with public schools. the ability to be taught from the side of an ice rink in the middle of competition was nice, it meant you didn't have to put all your focus into homework at any give time. it meant you could practice whenever you needed to and fit your education around it. it also meant that you could go to where the best trainers were, you didn't have to stay in canada if you were homeschooled. you spent at least a year in chicago training with celestino, one of the best american skating coaches. after all, there was only so much that your own parents could teach you.

it wasn't until you were fifteen that you began public school again, your parents saying that you needed to be around your peers to be able to grow into a good man. just like on the ice, you think that those around you are lesser. they can't measure up to you. especially not those that play ice hockey - what a brutish sport meant for violence and speed. it's a disgrace to the wonderful ice you skate on, you can almost hear it weeping in distress as it's torn up by skates and blood is spilled on it. it makes you sick to think that these... boys consider themselves lovers of the ice. you can't imagine anyone wanting to destroy your beloved ice in that way.

you can't be around them, you single yourself out on purpose. turn your eyes towards the community and giving back, finding a passion in community service and volunteering. it's something besides ice skating that you can throw yourself into. it's not long before you realize your passion for music as well and you join a band as the lead singer. it's exciting the things that you can do off the ice, and yet you still don't have too many friends. you ask to be homeschooled again as you take to training in colorado for the next couple of years - thankfully your parents agreed and you didn't have to worry about the brutish hockey players anymore.

people don't really like to be around you, often making excuses to leave when you come around. you're not really sure why they wouldn't want to be around someone so awesome. it's a little sad to think about all the people that are missing out on your greatness. but at least you have your fans and your family and the people that you date now and then. you made several good friends when you were in chicago though - leo and otabek among others that rise to the same fame circuit that you compete in. once you're back in canada, you find out that otabek is training near you as well and your friendship continues to grow as you continue to compete against each other. you even teach him how to do a quad salchow, one of your signature jumps that others find difficult to pull off successfully.

you can't always play nice while you're trying to take down the great viktor nikiforov. the only one to consistently keep you from the top place a top the podium. the only king standing in the way of your kingdom. in his shadow, you're nothing more than a little prince whining about the things he wants to achieve. you almost had him at the last grand prix, but a technicality in your free skate knocked you down a few points and pushing you into third behind viktor and christophe. you could feel the gold in your fingers before it slips out of your hands.

partizan hope

you spend the next few months skating as hard as you can, practicing for the next competition to face viktor. only to hear that he has retired?! you can't believe it! that wimp. you know he just retired because he knew that he was going to lose this year. he was finally going to be dethroned and he knew it. so he quit before his perfect gold medal streak was tarnished. it was almost laughable to think that the great russian, viktor was afraid of you.

of course you heard that that wasn't the reason he retired, but you liked to believe it was. it gave you a drive to think that you were enough competition to drive the king away from his throne. he was afraid of the hungry wolf that was waiting in the shadows for his chance to strike. well, now it was your chance and take it you would.

you place first in skate canada, the first of two qualifiers before the grand prix. you place first against even viktor's supposed replacement protege, yuri plisetsky. that garners you a grin as you beat the younger male. and then comes your second skate at the rostelecom cup in russia. a chance to show viktor just how good you really are on his home ice. you know he'll be there, how could you not. the skate world loves to talk about their precious viktor and his new student, the japanese skater, yuuri katsuki.

at the rostelesom cup, you place first as well. with a wonderful score well above anything the others put up on the board, even beating that damn yuuri katsuki and russia's own yuri and georgi. your smile couldn't be wider as you stand a top of that podium, the gold medal clenched between your teeth.

you know that the world skating competition is yours for the taking. that you're the only one fit to be it's king with viktor out of the way. the young yuri doesn't have enough experience to beat you and yuuri doesn't have the performance skills to beat you. the only ones on your radar still are christophe and otabek, the only ones that might take that precious crown that you can see hovering just over your head.

you normally don't watch the other skater's performances, you're too focused on your own and keeping yourself in the game. you don't need to be distracted before you perform. except you're pulled to watch otabek's short program and you're floored. this isn't the same boy that you knew when you trained together in juniors. he's absolutely stunning in his performance and he lands the quad salchow that had given him so much trouble the last time you'd seen him. he's actually great and it flusters you beyond belief. you'd thought that it would be an easy win, viktor wasn't here anymore, there was no reason to push yourself, but now that you've seen otabek's performance... you're not so sure anymore.

disappointment paints your face as you finish your own short program. you barely landed your jumps and spins, it was the worst performance of your life. isabella cheers for you still, she's always been a great girlfriend and now fiance, always so supportive of you through the good and the bad times. but even now you don't think you can be consoled. you don't want a pat on the back and a 'there there', you want to win. performing badly isn't in line with your plans. at least you have tomorrow to practice before the free skate.

however it seems that the world has a funny trick to play on you as you wake up to practice your routine for the day and instead are greeted by the noises of an unfamiliar setting. the crown that had just been in reach was now no where to be seen as you take in this new place, unfamiliar in every aspect.



that's it. that's all you need to know lmao. alright anyways, time to be serious. this is jean-jacques! the twenty year old top canadian skater, looking to rule the entire skating industry. he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and with his only "true" competition, viktor nikiforov, out of the business, he thinks it's finally his time to be the king. this kid usually goes by jj, even has a catch phrase "it's jj style" and a hand symbol for when he says his catch phrase. he's actually really good at skating tbh. winning gold in both the qualifiers he competed in before the grand prix series competition where the year before he won bronze. besides being a world class ice skater, jj is also a choreographer, singer, and a good samaritan! he choreographs all his own routines, recently sang with a band to record his own music for his routines, and volunteers + does community service during his free time.

personality wise. just. he's Extra™. there's not really any other way to put it. he's not the typical canadian who is quiet and reserved and apologizes all the time. no, not at all. he's self-centered and narcissistic and absolutely thinks he should be recognized for being the best. hell, he even got his girlfriend a necklace with his initials on it lol. like wtf jj. anyways, besides being rather self-absorbed, he's generally nice and friendly. he is a little catty, but not that much? only when he thinks it'll benefit him, which he doesn't find a whole lot - he is canadian after all, so he tries to be polite in most ways. but.... just, he comes first LOL. i love this child a lot even though he's a Work of Art tbh.


he's actually rather friendly and really open! once you get past the fact that he loves himself more than he'd love someone else tbh. he is very much the canadian stereotype of a good person, volunteers in his free time and is generally nice and whatnot. like yes, he's not the super stereotypical canadian, but he does have some of those qualities. as it stands, most people will likely only be considered acquaintances in his eyes unless they prove themselves worthy or something like that. he gets along really easy with people and often times he'll find himself with a lot of party/drinking buddies. he frequents the clubs a lot and he's a performer so he's got like a slight celebrity status to him. he absolutely needs more real friends, but he finds it hard to get close to people as he tends to ward himself off behind his persona of being so out there and obnoxious.


since jj is so... into himself, he doesn't really care too much about what others think of him? like, he knows he's good and he figures that the people who dislike or hate him do so because they're jealous of him. he thinks everything revolves around him and well, if it doesn't, he makes it lol. in canon, he thinks that the reason viktor quit skating was because he was afraid of losing to him lol. other than the idea that he thinks the world revolves around him, jj isn't actually that bad of a person tbh. he's generally friendly and yanno, a good ol' canadian in every other sense. he's just full of himself. so most of his 'enemies' will be fake friends or not-so-friendly competition type of things.


alright so, canon-wise jean has been shown in instagram pictures with pretty girls at parties, then in a later episode he thanks his girlfriend (among others) for supporting his skating. at the point i pulled him from, he actually just proposed to her and said they would get married once he won gold in the grand prix, except he doesn't get to finish his program. since he's now here and isn't sure where isabelle is and he didn't win, he's sort of assuming that their engagement has been nullified. because of this, i feel like jj would be the type of guy who really bounces around a lot when he's not in a relationship. he probably won't be looking to settle down anytime soon because he was with isabelle for a while and actually cared for her a lot. plus whoever he does settle for will end up being the queen (yes, even guys) to his king and that's a big role to take up. while he's more of a fling than long-term relationship type of guy, when he is with someone, he's very devoted to them. he is willing to give them his all and take care of them completely - like he really just wants to pamper someone and show them how much he cares about them. and yes, the person he's with has to care about him and realize that he is the king of their whole world! jean-jacques is very narcissistic and because of that, the person he's with will have to deal with like... him dating them, but also him dating himself LOL. i'm sorry for him. he's very much into that party and hook up/fwbs mood right now, so send some flings his way! he's all set in the future though~

the player

alias bre
timezone est
pronouns she/her
mature content with of age partners!


the canada is strong in this one. same notes as always, just ask about things if you have a question, but generally everything goes! au's are always good with me!



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congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go claim your canon, claim your occupation, and member directory! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to post an introduction so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
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merlin + jj
so yes plz some hook ups. thinking about it if jj is still ice skating then merlin is into it. honestly i see him all about he sport for some reason like it's just so fun. plus a handsome man? yes. merlin will be dumb and bad at the flirting but think he's doing great so humor him maybe if not he'd at least enjoy the show and be a huge fan. he'll be the one holding the huge sign with the words of support all big so he can see them.

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