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all our shippers are located here and divided by usergroups. check them out, stay a while, come plot with all our fabulous characters!
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want ads are a great way to get into a site and be immediately involved, so don't be afraid to check these out! inside are all the characters that everyone wants to be made and we'd super love for you to scope them out.
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COMMUNICATION @ablueking Jun 7th 2018 06:32PM MUNAKATA REISI

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whether it is through cell phone or instant messenger, all comm threads are to be placed here.
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TRACKERS open threads Aug 9th 2018 11:45PM AIN

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here you can make your own thread to keep track of your character's threads, relationships, and whatever you like. we suggest using this, as its super handy to know what threads you have to reply to!
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any sort of character development you want to do should be done here; that includes random muse threads, journals, and interactions between your own characters.
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