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Posted by: lauz Jul 19th 2016 10:40AM
ask a staff member
do you have a question about something you haven't seen covered on the site? if so, just post it here. this is helpful if an admin or mod isn't around to help you in the chatbox; we'll get to it at our earliest convenience! you'll also find an FAQ below of questions that have been asked before.
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Posted by: LAUZ Jul 21st 2016 10:35AM
the list of questions
so wait, how does my character end up in elysion?
the simple fact is that each character is pulled from their world at a seemingly random time (whatever canon point you choose) and plopped into elysion. there's no rhyme or reason to it, at least that people have been able to figure out yet, and so everyone sort of accepts it as fact. this is, after all, their new home, as there is also no known way to return to their original worlds. there is no specific place that a character winds up when they first arrive, they can land anywhere in the world that you want, its completely up to you! elysion is set up like a wheel, with the capitol being the central hub and the other sectors branching off around it as the spokes. there are ID systems set in place by the capitol that are required for those that want to find a job or who wish to purchase more adult things, such as alcohol.

how does the ID system work?
the ID system was created by terminus officials in tandem with the mayor for use throughout all of elysion. the process is painless and uncomplicated, taking less than two minutes to complete. when obtaining an ID, a character must report to specific office in their chosen sector. there, officials will collect all the important information about said character and then imprint the ID information into their blood stream at their wrist. this results in a small mark, no bigger than a freckle, that signifies the location of the data port. this data is also sent to the NERVE system which stores all of the registered citizens of elysion. IDs can be read with a simple scanner that is available anywhere that needs an ID--such as schools, liqueur stores, employment agencies, and by police officers to name a few.

how does transportation work then?
most of the places have modern styles of transportation. there is currently a train route that connects all of the sectors together and is free as public transport. personal transportation includes cars and bikes, though it's dependent on the sector. a place like zephyr is less likely to have roads and therefore cars will be nearly non-existent there. however, places like the capitol or the technologically advanced terminus will have a wider variety of options. there is no air travel available, so no airplanes or helicopters, or other air vehicles. there are boats, but they're limited by size and mainly used for business purposes such as fishing and transporting goods between the sectors.

i'm not sure if the character i want to play is allowed here, how do i know?
the best course of action is to ask. that's what we have this thread for, of course! so if you have any doubt in your mind that your character might be a little bit risky to app, before you put in all the hard work of writing one up, please ask! the staff team will always try their best to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

how long does it take to get accepted?
keep in mind that since this is a panfandom site, there is a huge amount of characters you're able to make! that being said, it's not unusual that someone apps a character that no one on the staff team is familiar with, and because of that, we all make sure to do research on said character to ensure that we've got a good grasp on them so we can properly accept it. 1-3 days is typical, so please be patient! we surely haven't forgotten you.

can i play more than one main character from a large fandom?
there are some fandoms that are so vast, (for example, hetalia or haikyuu!!) that they have a multitude of characters that never interact with each other (or don't often enough for it to be a problem). for cases like this, that's perfectly fine (ie: lauz plays both canada and southern italy from hetalia)--but please ask a staff member first! we'd prefer if you stuck to one main character per certain fandoms unless you ask a staff member.

what's the activity limit? how often do we need to post with our character(s)?
we understand real life can be unpredictable and we're all busy! we expect a post per month from each character, minimum! not too bad at all, right? if you can't be active to our standards, we ask that you maybe limit your number of characters. at the very least, if you're going to be busy, make sure you make an away message and update it regularly. please talk to the staff about things!

what sort of animation/literature isn't allowed on heartsigh?
we accept all types of drawn/animated content. for example, manga, anime, comic books, graphic novels, video games, cartoons. what we don't accept, however, are silent protagonists (see the question below), and those that don't have visual models, or face models, as well as more adult western cartoons. in that case, as with south park, family guy, etc, we feel they're just not the sort of image that we're going for here. we certainly accept western cartoons--steven universe, adventure time, etc--but there are a lot we won't accept, so please ask first. we also don't accept characters that don't have some kind of detailed history; vocaloids, for example, and anything based in real-life mediums. something that will be asked a lot, we're sure, is about touken ranbu--there is a scheduled anime coming up and, until that comes out, those characters aren't allowed. that goes for most mobile card type games unless the character has visible personality and some kind of history to base off of. if you're unsure, please ask! that goes for everything.

what is a silent protagonist and why can't we play them?
a silent protagonist is any character that has a personality and story that is totally dependent on the player--they don't have enough information about them out there, maybe they're customizable. for example, many rpg games (such as the inquisitor, from dragon age: inquisition) have options of different paths, different discussion choices--in a sense, they are more of an original character than one that is set in stone by the creators; those characters will never be allowed. further examples: frisk or chara from undertale, link from the zelda series, the female protag from the persona series. sometimes we will allow a character like this, but like with everything, you must ask us first. we'd be more inclined to allow members that we trust to play characters like this.

if i choose one sector to put my character in and decide i want them to move, what do i do?
yes absolutely! sometimes our gut instinct of where to place our characters in this world is...not perfectly suited for them! we completely understand, we've all been there! all you have to do to change your character's membergroup is post in, and make sure to modify your member directory, and post your character's change in the occupation claim!

what if i don't have the ability to create graphics for my character?
fear not! there are multiple members on the site, both staff and otherwise who are more than happy to help! the most proper way to go about this, however, is to post in the forum. just start a new topic asking for graphic help, (link some photos you'd like to be turned into your avatar, etc.) and guaranteed, someone will come to your rescue and is happy to do so!

if there's a problem between myself and another member, whether it's staff or not, what should i do?
this is important, come to the staff first. RP is supposed to be fun, we want to make sure there are as little problems as possible, but we know that they do come up and happen every now and then. perhaps it's not even a problem that is between you and another person on the site, so much as--they say something that makes you uncomfortable in the cbox. this is a perfectly legitimate reason to approach staff, so please do not be afraid to do so!

and if it is involving the staff, please approach any other staff member you feel comfortable with, and explain to them the issue. again, this is supposed to be fun, and the staff is, ultimately here to make the site run smoothly, and help anyone who needs it!

my character is unemployed, so do i have to claim that in the occupation list?
nope! but if your character ever does become employed, please post in the occupation claim to let us know to take them off the list.

is there a character limit?
absolutely not. it comes down to the amount of characters you think you can handle. if you're only able to play 1 character? perfect! say you are able to do 5, or 10! or more! go ahead! do keep in mind that we will have activity checks every month, so stay on top of your character's activity! as said before, a post a month from each character is standard, though we'd love for you to go above and beyond. get involved in plotting, in our community, that's what we're here for! so keep that in mind when applying for more characters.

how old/young can my character be?
first, we ask that you keep your character relatively close in age to the canon point where you've pulled them from. so if they are 15 at the point you've pulled them then you're allowed to age them up a bit, however, this is time that they've spent in elysion and should be counted as so. if we find that it is unreasonable, we will ask for the age to be adjusted. as for a limit on how young, we ask that no character be younger than 10! anything younger than that is considered an npc and cannot be played on heartsigh.

if someone has an app in progress/pending but no reserve for that character and i reserve them, who is allowed to apply for said character?
on heartsigh its all about the reserves, but it depends on how long the character has been sitting there unfinished. we want you to give each other some amount of respect, and sniping characters out from underneath one another doesn't make for a welcoming community. we want everyone to reserve the character they want, even if they don't think someone else will want said character. if a reserve runs out and an application is sitting there, yes, you are welcome to reserve that character. however, please be polite about it--do not suddenly reserve a character if the prior application has only been up for a day or two. just use your discretion and be considerate. even still, we value the reserves, that's what they're there for, so please use them.

i feel like someone's playing their character wrong, what should i do?
if you have a genuine concern that someone has characterized their character improperly, come to the staff about it. it's natural that characters will develop in threads, and may be different from their application, and if you notice something that is drastically out of character, definitely tell us! staff will keep a close watch on it and act accordingly, but we also ask that if it's just a personal headcanon that you have, and isn't a serious concern, keep in mind everyone has their own interpretation of characters. please do not approach the member and try to explain to them what they're doing wrong. leave that to the staff.

what are representative guardians and what do they do?
so there are 5 representatives: one in terminus, one in zephyr, one in cascata, one in vesper, and one in halycon. (there are no representatives in the capitol, since that's the central city and where the mayor lives, and the representatives are basically like the presidents/elected officials of each sector, aside from pandora) now, since the representatives are the leaders of each sector, they need guards! that's where our representative guardians come in, each rep gets 5 guardians, and they're basically secret service. do they get special treatment? sure, there definitely comes perks with being close to the representative, but in the end they're there to protect the representative and make sure that they are safe at public events and the like.

are we allowed multiple reserves on characters?
of course! basically it's up to you--if you think you can realistically handle making one character, getting that application accepted and getting 10 posts on that character in order to make a second one on reserve, go ahead. so yes, you're definitely allowed, but be realistic with yourself! if you're a really slow app-writer, maybe it's best to just reserve one character at a time. also don't go overboard! we don't want people having 5 reserved characters at a time, so again it really comes down to what you can handle.

can the personas from the persona games work here?
they can indeed but only in terminus. terminus, being the sector of great technology, is the only place sophisticated enough for the personas to work outside of the tv world; its got all the technology you can imagine + more advanced things that you'd see in futuristic sci-fi genres. its more than equipped to allow the persona characters to summon their personas.

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Posted by: ANA AMARI Jul 29th 2016 11:35PM
Heya! So this might seem like an odd question, but is it ok for characters to reference certain real-world media? Like for example, a character might enjoy a real-life artist like Lenny Kravitz or mention that their favorite movie is Free Willy in their canonical source (those are just random examples, I have no idea if there's a character out there who mentions either of those things), sort of like how Reinhardt in Overwatch is like "I LOVE DAVID HASSELHOFF," and I was wondering if it would be acceptable or not for someone to bring up those things in-character?

Posted by: BRE Jul 29th 2016 11:54PM
Cascade, this was a totally reasonable question! So we already had the idea that this was acceptable tbh. As long as it is in the characters' canon, it's acceptable. So Reinhardt would still love David Hasselhoff despite there actually being no Hasselhoff in this world. Everything that they know/is relevant in the characters' canon is a-okay - just keep it reasonable, yanno? Like don't take someone from a medieval setting type story (think Fire Emblem or Dragon Age) and make them know all about like One Direction and current world events.

Tl;dr THIS IS OKAY TO DO. Just make it reasonable and something they'd know from their world (ie: Reinhardt can still love Hasselhoff).

Posted by: ANA AMARI Aug 2nd 2016 07:34PM
Aaand I'm back again. Hi!

So I know that some movies, shows, and games come out at different times around the world, and I was wondering if someone wanted to app a character from recently released media, would they have to wait for said media to be released worldwide, or just in your own area? Like, if a Disney movie came out in the US but isn't going to be released elsewhere for another month, would you have to wait a month before trying to app a character from that movie, or would you be able to app them right away?

Posted by: CHRISTINE Aug 2nd 2016 07:58PM
hey cascade!!
this is totally fine, if a movie comes out in one part of the world before another, it's still alright to reserve and app that character, so long as there's enough information available online about their personality/history and the like. so definitely, you can do that!

Posted by: HANAMURA YOSUKE Aug 2nd 2016 09:40PM
It's dare time.
Uhm, on a more serious note I have a few question for you!

First a question for persona users, can they summon their personas? Would it be limited to certain areas? Honestly I can't foresee ever actually needing to use this information, but it's good to know beforehand hah.

Second question! I'm pretty sure I know the anwser, but I just want to be sue!
Would one be able to app a character from the Bionicle franchise? The old one, not the recent reboot (that one doesn't have enough content for me to work with imo haha). It has comics, animated shorts, full length movies.
(The character in question would be one of the Piraka if that influences anything???)

Posted by: LAUZ Aug 6th 2016 02:14PM
yo yo yo ok so personas! the verdict is probably. since the whole place is powered by terminus tech. i don't see there being anywhere that they wouldn't show up...well, maybe parts of pandora and zephyr. i think they'd be easiest to summon in terminus, then the capitol, halcyon, vesper, cascata, and then pandora & zephyr being last.

as for the bionnacle one...H M M M i guess i'd have to see just what you're talking about, because i'm not entirely sure myself. i know there's an animated series and stuff for them, so i mean, that would be fine. as long as there's some media that you can pull from? its like monster high, you feel me? a toy line, but also animated content.

Posted by: HANAMURA YOSUKE Aug 7th 2016 11:02AM
Awesome, thanks!

I can't actually seem to have much luck at finding the comics or such online, so I might just stick with one of the characters I know are in the animated movies if I do end up making one. Thanks again <3

Posted by: ANA AMARI Aug 17th 2016 09:04PM

So I was considering trying out Qrow from RWBY, but I wasn't entirely sure if he's one of the unplayable RWBY characters? If I can't app him, then it's no big deal, just figured I'd stop by and check!

Posted by: CHRISTINE Aug 17th 2016 09:35PM
hey cascade! qrow is absolutely playable, and we're sure you'll do a great job with him if you app him! so go right ahead! c:

Posted by: ANA AMARI Aug 17th 2016 09:41PM
Awesome, thanks for getting back to me Christine! c:

Posted by: GRIMMJOW JAEGERJAQUEZ Aug 25th 2016 07:27PM
Hello! So I was considering posting a thread in the past / future forum. I really want to rp Grimmjow in his past form, but I was wondering if it could take place in Elysion? What I mean is, he regresses to his past self except he's still in Elysion instead of in his original world, if that makes sense. Is that possible, or would you rather I kept him in his original world to avoid confusion? Thanks!

Posted by: CHRISTINE Aug 25th 2016 08:05PM
GRIMMJOW JAEGERJAQUEZ hey remy! so this is totally fine! it'd probably make sense to do it strictly in the AU section, rather than the past/future forum section! but yeah this is totally acceptable c:

Posted by: GRIMMJOW JAEGERJAQUEZ Aug 25th 2016 08:13PM
CHRISTINE Well, I thought about the AU section too but I wasn't sure if putting an AU of Elysion was acceptable? But thank you for getting back to me!

Posted by: CHRISTINE Aug 25th 2016 08:22PM
GRIMMJOW JAEGERJAQUEZ ah, yes that's totally acceptable! literally anything you want to do in AU is totally accepted, you could've had it so grimmjow was born and raised in elysion if you want! c: and sure thing!!!

Posted by: Nezumi Aug 29th 2016 02:08AM
SO I see Link / The hero of time is a non playable character because hes a silent protag but hes not silent in the animated series or manga

Animated series:


Posted by: BRE Aug 29th 2016 03:48AM
hey! so we did look into both the animated series and the manga that you've provided for us and we have to say our answer is still a no! i'll lay it out here with detailed reasons as to why we're saying no despite these other sources.

- the games are the main reason people know about link and the legend of zelda. in the games link seldom says anything besides grunts and action sounds which are simply not enough. because of this, we're left to infer his personality through his actions and by other characters. which falls under our no silent protagonist rule. having played a few of the games myself, i know this is true as well as the wikipedia article about him saying "since link is not usually shown to speak, his personality is mainly determined by his actions or others' comments about him". this is the main reason why he is not allowed.

- considering the animated series: while the series is based on the first and second games, they are loosely based. so loosely based that the only main commonalities between the two happen to be items, locations, and some characters. which on this fact, it's a little hard to accept this series as evidence against the silent protagonist rule. sure, there can be the claim that other anime adaptations vary from their original source just as much, but in those cases, the original source also provides more background and personality than it does in this case.

- regarding the mangas: similar to the animated series, while being based on the ocarina of time game, several liberties are taken between the game to manga adaptation. if you look at the actual wikipedia for the manga (edit: and the animated series), it says "non-canon warning: this article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the legend of zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.". which first, we don't really allow for non-canon things, especially when involving the personality of a character unless they are slight headcanons or deviations. and second, we could not consider any of the mangas to contain canon information despite them being adaptations from the game.

so in the end, we will have to still say no about link. link is a great character, but for all intents and purposes here on heartsigh, he does not fit what we are looking for.

the wikipedia article referenced - refer to sections personality and non-canonical appearances as well as the individual animated series and manga links.

Posted by: ANA AMARI Aug 29th 2016 11:50AM
I couldn't find anything about heights, so here I am again lol.

So I was wondering if there was a limit as to how tall (and maybe even how small, considering there are some tiny characters out there) a character can be? Like if someone were to take a large robot (like a 30 ft transformer), would they be able to do that, would they not be able to do that, or would the character's size have to be altered in some way?

Posted by: LAUZ Aug 29th 2016 06:56PM
transformers are a-okay as long as they're not the SUPER huge ones, like unicron because he's a giant planet himself LOL i'd say it is a case by case basis and depends on the character you're thinking about! halcyon has potions and stuff i'm sure you could use to shrink or grow, not permanently, but temporarily if you need it. as for small, if they can fit into the world, then they're golden. again, it still depends on what characters you're thinking of. you know us staff, we're always really accommodating so if you need some ideas of what to do with a tiny character (rustic brought up the good point of the characters from epic, cause they're tiny) just let us know. its easier for small characters to be integrated rather than large ones. but for reference, bre and christine and i have the voltron lions here and they're super big, we've just found ways to compensate for that.

Posted by: ANA AMARI Aug 29th 2016 07:51PM
Alrighty, good to know! I have a friend who might be interested in playing a transformer here (they mentioned maybe Starscream, but they might have changed their mind?), so I thought it might be a good idea to double-check on whether or not there were any sort of height limits on either side of the big and small spectrum. Thanks for getting back to me! c:

Posted by: NAEGI KOMARU Sep 2nd 2016 06:13PM
Hello! I have a small question, is it at all possible to put tracker links into mini profiles?

Posted by: BRE Sep 2nd 2016 07:28PM
at the current moment, more links wouldn't work with the mini profiles as there isn't really a spot to put them anywhere! however a new skin should be in the works within the next few weeks, so there's a possibility it could be added there. sometimes having too many fields in mini profiles isn't the best because they can end up looking cluttered and disorganized. but we have taken this into consideration and we'll see what we can do!!! thanks for your input~

in the meantime, there's always the possibility to bookmark your tracker into your bookmarks bar for easy access as well, like several staff have done with their own trackers on their browsers! i, personally, find it easier than having links in mini profiles because you have to remember to link them for each character and that can get to be a lot of work compared to just making it a bookmark in your browser.

Posted by: ANA AMARI Sep 7th 2016 04:43PM
Heyoo, it's me again!

So, as far as customizable characters/characters who can have changed appearances go (i.e. Shepard from Mass Effect or Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening), would we only be able to use their default appearances/names? I figure the answer is yes (particularly when it comes to cases like the Hawke family in Dragon Age 2 because it probably wouldn't make much sense if every member of the Hawke family was a different ethnicity), but I thought I might ask anyway.

Also! I'm not interested in taking them and this is more out of curiosity than anything, but would the Fallout 4 protagonist be playable? They do have default names and appearances and you do know quite a bit about their background, but I wasn't sure if they would be considered too customizable or if their personality might be too based on headcanon.

Posted by: LAUZ Sep 7th 2016 06:01PM
if there are default versions of them available then by all means. so yes, jane/john shepard would be able to be played. and if the same goes for fallout, if there's default information and appearances and names, by all means. i'd have to research a bit more about personalities, i suppose, since i've never played fallout myself.

Posted by: SOREY Sep 9th 2016 02:09AM
Hello! (To those reading this, please keep in mind that there will be Tales of Zestiria spoilers here!)

I had a small question regarding Sorey. I'm taking him from the veeery end of the canon where he wakes up. It's not fully revealed what Sorey becomes after that (whether he becomes a seraph, or stays human). i guess the developers left that part up to each player's interpretation.

I haven't made a final decision yet, but I was wondering if the seraph route was possible for sorey? I'm asking because it's never concretely seen in-canon that he becomes a seraph, so i figured i'd ask first to make sure i don't step out of line or something haha


Posted by: BRE Sep 9th 2016 03:13AM
alright so lauz can change this decision, but having personally played this game, i'm gonna say that that's definitely possible. even though it's not expressly stated in the game play and merely hinted at, the wikipedia for zestiria does in fact have him listed as a seraph. however, i did have to do a little digging to find that this was actually on the site ;-; since i imagine they left his personal wikia page as 'human' to avoid spoilers. though sorey is listed as a known seraph along with mikleo and the others right, but it's with the condition that it's after completion of his quest. so as long as you are taking him from after his quest, i'd say it's fine.

i think the only condition is that he wouldn't be as adept with the seraph abilities as mikleo is. so just taking the "normal" seraph abilities and ~nerfing them a bit would make the most sense to me since he wouldn't have had the time to learn about/train with them all that much.

Posted by: CHROM Dec 16th 2016 07:41PM
i asked this in the cbox but i'll ask it here: would it be possible for chrom to establish the shepherds here in elysion? for those who aren't as familiar, it's essentially a small militia/group of vigilantes within fire emblem: awakening, of which chrom is canonically the commander. it could become a group thing within halcyon!

Posted by: MADOTSUKI Dec 18th 2016 12:04PM
Hey so two questions, one how do you delete characters or accounts. I've been going over what characters I REALLY want to do and I've decided I want to start from scratch, making Madotsuki my main account and then doing characters I really I think I can play well, so that means getting rid of my Oriko, Akari and Heactia accounts (though I will be making a new touhou character quickly after), sorry if it seems like I'm doing this all very early into my time here. Its just when I first started I was over excited about the concept of the site so I didn't really think my accounts through. So if there would be some way to start from scratch, being left with only my Madotsuki account then that would be great.

Also how do you do that thing were you have multiple avatars? I've seen some peoples change every time I refresh the page and that would be a cool thing to be able to do since I have a lot of cool pics for Madotsuki that I would like to use.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by: BRE Dec 18th 2016 04:04PM
i don't see a problem with chrom creating a shepards group in elysion! we do have other characters that have adapted similar groups from their worlds into their perspective sectors - such as roman's gang that he's created. so groups are definitely allowed to be created! for how to list them, i'd say in the occupations list we can put parentheses after the claim so that it'd read Vigilantes - Chrom (Shepard).

first, it's really easy to change parent accounts! however, just post in the moderation thread with the list of characters you'd like to inactivate with links to any posts they've made, such as threads and their shippers. this'll make it easier for a staff member to inactivate and unbind the accounts.

as for the rotating avatars, i use however to upload pictures onto it, they need to be saved to your computer first since it doesn't allow url uploads. i also use pixlr for photo editing when i'm too lazy to open up gimp!

Posted by: SOREY Jan 12th 2017 05:37AM
I wasn't sure where to ask this but here seems like a good place \o/

I smartly forgot to post in the AC thread stating that i posted for a character (yuu). What can i do to get him out of inactive status?


Posted by: LAUZ Jan 12th 2017 01:52PM
sign into that account, you'll see a handy little that you can only see on an 'inactive' account. and just post in there and i'll get right to itttt~

Posted by: HAZUKI NAGISA Feb 1st 2017 10:46PM

i'm thinking about making zuko from ATLA (so he'd be his moody teen age not...however old he is in korra and i was wondering if i should register him as PRINCE zuko or not. cause like obvs zuko is a prince but i'm going to end his app after he's cut off his hair basically disowning the fire nation/giving up his title i mean by blood he's "royal" in the ATLA universe but idk if he would have been considered a prince between then and when he became fire lord? i mean i don't think HE thought of himself as a prince either so i'm just not sure if he should just be zuko or if he should have the royal title

Posted by: CHRISTINE Feb 1st 2017 11:17PM
HAZUKI NAGISA since there's not really any other well known zuko's, just registering him as such is fine! especially since for example, we have a princess allura in the works, but she's just registered as allura. in the end i think it's also personal preference but just zuko is absolutely fine!


titles do not need to be added onto account names! sometimes they are too long to even include in the character limit for account names. we have several characters that are considered royalty in their canon worlds but don't have the title of 'king', 'queen', 'prince', 'princess', etc on here. it's completely up to the player how you register, but typically the rule of what the character goes by the most is common. however we do ask that if there is another character of the same name (in this case, no) that you register so that the characters would be able to be differentiated. ie: shiro from voltron versus shiro from fire emblem - in this instance, shiro from voltron has an alternative name whereas shiro from fire emblem doesn't, so that's why voltron shiro is registered as takashi shirogane instead of just shiro!

if you wish to say somewhere that he's a prince, in the section of the app that asks for name in the basics tab, you can put prince zuko if you'd like to!

Posted by: NEOPOLITAN Feb 2nd 2017 11:46AM
Idk if this question has been asked before, and I feel like I should know the answer but! If a character is terminally ill in their home world, how does that translate over to Elysion? I know they aren't miraculously cured since I've seen characters with blindness and other handicaps, but does the illnesses progression simply slow down? I'd just like to know what happens since characters can't die.

Thanks! Sorry if this is dumb or dumbly posed. It's super early ._.

Posted by: LAUZ Feb 2nd 2017 03:51PM
i'd say they'd just stay in a state of 'terminally ill'--still really sick but not getting any better or worse.

Posted by: KUROSAKI ICHIGO Feb 19th 2017 03:47PM

Hello Peeps!

So, I spotted Amanda's want ad for HTTYD characters and wanted to make sure that applying for Toothless would be okay? I know he's a dragon but he's very expressive in the way he communicates and such but I also know that there is a rule against animals as well. I've been wanting to add him to my list but wanted to get cleared up on the matter before attempting to do so.

Thank You!

Posted by: HIPPO Feb 19th 2017 03:59PM
Hey Magic,

Yes, Toothless is playable, the only animals we have a rule against are animals that show no human qualities and cannot communicate or understand humans. Toothless is very expressive and can very much understand people.

Posted by: CINDER FALL Mar 27th 2017 12:51PM
About 75% of the way through my application for Cinder Fall and I realized maybe I was taking a little too much liberty with her character? The following question is in regards to Cinder as of the end of RWBY Volume 4 so spoilers obviously! I just want to run over what my intentions were before I finished her up, in case it was more how I personally felt about the events then what the show intended/what could be marked as currently canon. Just to be safe, I blacked out the background, so just highlight the text to see it. :)Recap, I guess: during V3, Cinder successfully kills and fuses with the remaining half of Amber, effectively stealing 100% of the Fall Maiden's powers and becoming The Best Around. The previous scenes regarding transferring a Maiden's powers with Pyrrha all heavily implied that becoming a Maiden could have a very high chance of overriding or at least heavily altering who a person is. Later this is sort of confirmed with Ozpin's position in V4. Which, I assume, is why anytime they show Cinder in V4, she's basically done a 180. She's pretty hesitant and almost afraid of events that happen within Salem's domain (despite Tyrian's actions probably being a typical tuesday and considering the fact that she just casually and smugly murdered a shitton of people???).Most of Cinder's arc in V4 is Salem working through her new powers with her, and subsequently Amber. Salem even seems to talk directly about Amber in one of her scene's with Cinder. Hey, don't be afraid of her, you little shit???? My plan was to bring Cinder in post-V4 in a state where she's winning that fight. IE: She has almost completely control over herself, whether that's from Salem berating the shit out of her for weeks/months before she ended up here or just personal resolve. And then being like mildly schizophrenic because Amber is probably always there.BUT. The more I think about it, the more I feel like it's pretty apparent there's some sort of, not necessarily a redemption arc, but if Cinder is fused with Amber, honestly I don't feel like there's anyway that Amber wouldn't win control. Even if that's simply fusing and force a conscious on Cinder. Either way it goes down, everything is sort of pointing toward Cinder defecting or being nice for once in her life. Gross. And since I am personally not a fan of this, I don't know if that is affecting my choices for bringing her from that canon point. All that said, I am 100% okay with pulling Cinder from Volume 3 too, somewhere before any of this would even matter, if only just to avoid making predictions that haven't been confirmed.

Posted by: BRE Mar 28th 2017 11:02PM

so the great thing about canon points is that you can pull them from literally anywhere. with my two rwby chars, i pulled sun from the vytal festival so he has no idea of anything that happens the rest of V3 or anything in V4. with ironwood, he's pulled from the beginning of V4, so he also doesn't have as much knowledge of the things that happen.

on what you're the most concerned about - most of the staff are under the impression that the scenes with pyrrha about the powers and the fear that they all had about the powers was because she would be obtaining them unnaturally. whereas with cinder, she technically obtained them naturally from cinder, just in separate times - which could be why she's so nervous/hesitant about things in V4 because the powers didn't transfer all at once. and this separation of the powers transferring could have played an big role in how they affected cinder. if you want to use this reasoning or whatever else you want to characterize cinder, you can. so you can take cinder from where ever you want! if you want to take her from post-V4, go right ahead. if you're able to write it in a way that provides a background reason for your headcanons as to why cinder isn't having this so-called 'change of heart', that's a-okay too. as long as there's substantial reasoning behind it, it'll be acceptable.

Posted by: NEOPOLITAN Apr 1st 2017 10:38PM
What would I need to do to go about changing a character's group and occupation? Is there a specific form or set of steps I need to perform, like say a solo RP post saying how they came about moving or settling?

Or would a simple moderation request work?

Posted by: BRE Apr 2nd 2017 12:21AM
NEOPOLITAN a simple moderation post is all that's needed! just state the member group that is being changed to and an update to occupation claims, if needed, though occupations are listed by sector so it's likely that they will change.

you're more than welcome to do a solo rp post about the character settling down or changing locations, but i feel that that would already have been in discussion in current threads anyways or occurring between threads. so up to you what you'd like to do, but all that's required is a moderation post!

Posted by: ARIEL Apr 6th 2017 10:56AM
So, I'm a sucker for a mermaid, which is why I'm making Ariel. Anyhow, I know this question is a long shot, but would I be allowed to say that one of her abilities was that once on land she has legs, but in the water she turns back into her mermaid self? Her canon point would be at the end of the original 1989 movie.

Posted by: DIRK STRIDER Apr 7th 2017 06:55PM
So this question may seem convoluted but I'll do my best.

So I know it's stated in the rules that if a series has A LOT of "main" characters similar to how Hetalia is that you could play multiple characters with a max of 2 characters per series. That being stated, since Homestuck has several characters that could be considered main, "referring to the 4 alpha humans, 12 alpha trolls, 4 beta humans, and 12 beta trolls, as well as all of the guardians, ghost duplicates, sprites, and the carapacians on top of that" would it be allowed for me to play Equius Zahhak who is one of the main troll characters from the series if I already play Dirk Strider who is one of the main humans?

Posted by: CASCADE Apr 7th 2017 07:37PM
ARIEL - we feel that the easiest way to explain how ariel could change back and forth between mermaid and human forms would be by using potions/spells from halcyon that would allow her to briefly turn back into a mermaid! so yes, you can have her both as a mermaid and a human.

DIRK STRIDER - staff is currently looking into your request and we will get back to you once we've come to a decision!

Posted by: HOMURA May 2nd 2017 12:14AM
I'm not sure how I could phrase this question to be relevant in a general sense, so I'll be specific with it- if someone wanted to app Ahri, how would they go about it?

If you don't know about League, the deal is that Ahri was created to celebrate opening a Korean server so for many years she's been a Kumiho- the Korean version of a Kitsune. Or, she was. Very recently League decided to retcon all characters with animistic traits into a new race called the Vastaya. The only problem is, this also means that Ahri's backround has been retconned as well. So using her old background for the character would be non-canon, but using her new background means you'd have to make up... practically everything and there's a good chance that they'll revisit her sometime in the future and rewrite her lore, which means whatever you come up with will probably be wrong.

So would you go with the Kumiho version that has an established background? Or the Vasyata one since that's what's canon? Or is it up to the player? Or something else?

This question is technically relevant for the other members of the Vastaya with retconned backgrounds like Rengar, I suppose.

Posted by: BRE May 2nd 2017 12:49AM
HOMURA if the rewrite has completely replaced the LoL canon information, then that is the information that would have to be used. so yes, ahri would have to be vastaya, not a kitsune. from a quick glance at both ahri's and the vastaya wiki pages, there is quite a bit of information about both her and the species, so i'm not sure why you're concerned about having to make a lot of the history up? it seems as if she has quite a bit of information about how she fits in with the overall LoL lore tbh.if LoL does rewrite her lore once more, we do allow members to rewrite their applications as well - changing canon points, histories, etc.

Posted by: HOMURA May 2nd 2017 12:59AM
BRE I checked the wiki after you made this post and it seems I was wrong, they did update Ahri's backstory since they retconned the chimeras into being Vastaya. Not really sure when that happened, but I guess I was wrong. My bad.

Posted by: BRE May 2nd 2017 01:39AM
HOMURA not a problem, glad to help out and hope to see an ahri (or others) around the site soon!

Posted by: KUROSAKI ICHIGO Jul 7th 2017 04:35PM
So I was curious about apping Sara Ryder from Mass Effect Andromeda and wondered if it would be okay to do so? I know Commander Shepard was allowed as either gender (I believe...I might be mistaken) but wanted to ask since Andromeda features a set of twins instead of pick your gender. I know she would have to be the standard face that the game gives you if allowed. She of course has a history before events of the game but instead of her going into would be Scott.

I don't even know if I am phrasing this right and I hope you guys understand the gist of it! Orz

Posted by: CASCADE Jul 7th 2017 04:52PM

Yes, it's completely fine for you to app Sara and say that Scott was the one who went into a coma! Since the twins co-exist with each other at the same time and have their own individual histories pre-Andromeda, we could potentially have both of them on board. We would only allow one Shepard (and their gender would be up to the player) because whatever gender you choose, the other one doesn't exist in universe. Since both Scott and Sara exist at the same time however, player A could play Sara and player B could play Scott without a problem. Hope this clears things up! <3

Posted by: KUROSAKI ICHIGO Jul 7th 2017 05:00PM
CASCADE - woot! \o/ thank you!

Posted by: AURORA Aug 4th 2017 08:08AM
I am considering apping the beast from beauty and the beast and want to take him from a canon point before his spell is broken. I was wondering if he'd be able to take a potion/spell thing (like Ariel a few posts up) to be human for brief periods of time?

Posted by: BRE Aug 5th 2017 01:30AM
AURORA like ariel, beast can also find potions that'll give him the appearance of a man at times! after all, we have potions/etc that give people animal characteristics, so it should go the same way in reverse. essentially whatever potions/spells/etc you want to think up for halcyon, the staff are generally on board as long as they aren't things that will completely change the character and/or completely mess with the plot of the site!

Posted by: KUCHIKI RUKIA Aug 6th 2017 04:30PM

QUESTION: There's a character I've become interested in but I'm not sure how well they would play in a world like this. Her name is Altair from Re:Creators. She's the main villain of the series, but her attributes from a power level make a bit unstable. To contextualize her, she's a fan-made character. Her creator, an up and coming anime artist committed suicide, but not before creating her final masterpiece. For reasons which have not been explained in the anime just yet, she came into the real world, but she isn't the only one. So far, people are following the premise that these random characters from anime's, video games, novels etc. are coming to the real world because they are popular by mainstream media and have a significant role to play overall. The anime itself it sort of an interesting parody and twist to panfandoms, but stylized into the real world.

Altair's power, however, seems unstable because it comes from the growing acceptance of her fan-base. So the concept in the anime is that if creators add or change parts of their creations (be it making them stronger, adding new abilities etc.), those changes won't take effect unless the general audience "accepts" it. In Altair's case, because her creator passed away before her backstory could have been created, her creator's fans molded her through fan-fiction and drawings. So she's constantly getting stronger because people keep adding to her non-existent backstory. Obviously, in this world, she couldn't be growing exponentially stronger anymore - she wouldn't even have that fan-base to count on. But part of her "abilities" seem to fit around one omnipotent power - Holopsicon. I'll add the snippet of that power below for quick reference.
    Holopsicon: gives her the following abilities-
  • Shown in the anime that it could "delete" Vogelchevalier in existence rather than outright destroyed it.
  • Transporting a fictional character from their respective worlds to the real world or inducing the fictional characters existence in the real world.
  • Ability to travel to other worlds or "inserting" herself to other fictional character's story lines thus fighting with them if they don't like to be transported willingly.
  • It was eventually revealed that Holopsicon's vast array of abilities is the direct result of Altair's having no story of her own since her creator has died hoping that her creation would be loved. As such whenever someone made a fan fiction about her, whatever the abilities associated with that story is added to her powers constantly updating her arsenal, making her almost invincible.

Personally, as interesting as it is, I wouldn't have her use it even once here. Mainly for obvious reasons, but also because I don't know how much villains play a role in the overall story here. I was mainly interested by her disturbing creation and her vindictiveness. But I would love to hear if someone like her would even be possible here.

Posted by: Revelation Sep 21st 2017 05:56AM
Hello. Before I join, I'd like to ask about characters not under the canon list or reserve, but aren't disabled. In my case, it's Jesse McCree from Overwatch. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Posted by: BRE Sep 21st 2017 09:38AM

KUCHIKI RUKIA omg mortimer, this is super late but i remember staff talked about this, but i can't remember what we had decided! give us a little bit to talk about it again and get back to you if you're still interested in making this character!

REVELATION if a character is not on the canon or reserve list they are free to make! try registering again if you haven't already!

Posted by: KUCHIKI RUKIA Sep 23rd 2017 05:34PM

Thank Bre! <3, I honestly had no rush because the anime was still ongoing when I first wrote it. I sort of decided to wait it out until the season was over to think it over again because I figured things might change - and they definitely did. Not sure still if I like how the anime finished but generally speaking it might be nice to know how you guys would handle a char like that, how much you guys would nerf her etc. Obviously, I don't want to add more work for you guys so take your time this doesn't have high priority lol. Either way, thanks for looking into it, this admin team is awesome :D

Posted by: BRE Sep 29th 2017 05:12PM
KUCHIKI RUKIA okay doll, we finally have some answers for you! in regards to altair, we're leaning more towards no based off of what you've provided for us and a bit of digging ourselves. while she's certainly an interesting character, she seems more like an original character (too many different interpretations can be taken that don't necessarily line up with the canon storyline). if you have more evidence that would make her seem justified on heartsigh, please let us know and we'll take another look at her! sometimes we overlook things and miss things that would otherwise make altair playable. and if we were to allow her, her powers would definitely need to be nerfed! i'll give you an example of how we would do this below, even though we don't think she'd be a good fit for the site due to the customization of her character that could potentially happen.

nerfed powers:
the main nerf that would occur would be with the transporting ability. she'd only be able to transport between sectors, not into and out of elysion. so while it would still work, it'd be limited to places in elysion. want to transport someone to the void, go right ahead! want to transport them to london, england, sorry can't do that!

the other nerf would be that whatever powers/abilities she had at the point of coming to elysion would be the only ones she could gain unless people in elysion wrote fan fiction about her here. so if that doesn't happen, she won't have any power updates or things like that.

as for other characters in the same vein as altair, it would still be a case by case basis. since each character would be written differently in their media and it would change how much personality, history, etc they have. so if there's any you're wondering about, let us know and we'll get you an answer! hopefully this was clear enough to answer your questions, but if you have anymore don't be afraid to pm or reply back here!

Posted by: KAIOU MICHIRU Oct 2nd 2017 03:15PM
so i'm wanting to make asuna yuuki (at some point lol when i have the post count for it <3) but i had a thought.
the nature of the show is simply that their consciousness is primarily what you're seeing. they're all trapped in this game in the first series which is where i'd be pulling asuna from. so i guess my question is, would i be pulling her soul and such or would i be pulling her body?

in that first series if you die in the game you die in real life. so like all the families of the people that are stuck in the game have them in hospitals hooked up to life support systems to make sure they don't die. i'm just wondering how it would all work if it would at all. thanks in advance = ^ . ^ =

Posted by: LAUZ Oct 9th 2017 05:56PM
ok so i don't know anything about SOA, but i know EFF did play shino here for a while, and she can come in and give you better insight on what she did. we did talk this over a bit and we said that the way you want to do it would be a little bit reality breaking, cause she'd essentially have 2 bodies. we think a better way to do this, and i don't remember if this is what eff did or not--again she can tell you better--is to basically merged the two personas into one. either that or do one or the other, but that's...i mean i'm sure you already thought of that as an option LOL! but i'd say merging them in some way, some magic of bringing the character here made her be able to alternate between her original body and a corporeal video game character body. if you want to limit it in some way, that's fine too. we just felt like having the one body and then the corporeal video game character wouldn't quite work the way you want it to.

Posted by: KAIOU MICHIRU Oct 9th 2017 10:46PM
lol i figured, so just to clarify, i could do it where she would be able to like transform (almost like sailor moon)
to be able to use the abilities she used in the game?

Posted by: PIDGE GUNDERSON Oct 16th 2017 03:14AM
Um hi yes hello I have a question.

It's pretty simple and I've looked through the other Paladin's apps but I can't find a clear answer? So I thought I'd ask here. I was wondering if the Paladins would be able to have their Lions brought to Elysion? Would they be restricted to one area or no lions what-so-ever?

Thanks a lot!

Posted by: BRE Oct 16th 2017 09:27AM
KAIOU MICHIRU I believe that’s the consensus, yes! Can’t wait to see SAO kids running around again!

PIDGE GUNDERSON First of all PIDGE MY CHILD!!! Second, lions are definitely allowed, obviously there’s some places where they won’t really fit/have space for them (Capitol, Terminus and likely Halycon - Terminus/Halycon have the space in some places so just play it by ear there tbh). I know Shiro and Keith have their lions, I don’t remember if Amanda gave Lance his lion or not.. Pandora, Vesper and Zephyr would be the biggest areas for the lions, though each place has their own risks associated with keeping them there!

Posted by: TryTryAgain Oct 25th 2017 08:20PM
Hello!, Just wondering if pokemon from the Mystery Dungeon series would be okay here. Thanks!

Posted by: LAUZ Oct 25th 2017 09:13PM
hi love! so we're going to have to say no to this one for the reason that the mystery dungeon pokemon are all very vague in origin. there's little backstory to them, not to mention they wouldn't really be able to interact properly with other characters? i know that in the games they all talk to one another via their language, but we feel like it may be hard to play a character like that? if you were asking to play, say, meowth or mewtwo from the original series, we'd definitely allow that. we just feel like as far as mystery dungeon goes, things are just too vague and it'd be kind of hard to integrate into this world.

of course if you feel our judgment is wrong, and would like to plead your case, you can feel free to gather as much information about whatever character you want to play and present it to us! we're always willing to reconsider ^^

Posted by: AURORA + Nov 16th 2017 11:45AM
The rules say "one main character per fandom" and since Disney is grouped together, I'm wondering if I'd be able to play both Aurora and the Beast? I was considering making him. :)

Posted by: LAUZ Nov 16th 2017 06:00PM
as long as the disney character isn't from the same movie (ie like, idk, playing aurora and maleficent or one of the fae) then you're fine to play a main character from a different movie. we just grouped them together since there's not a ton of playable characters per movie so its easier!

Posted by: SHIROGANE NAOTO Jan 1st 2018 07:08PM
ok, so this is kind of long-winded and i'm not expecting a yes answer because it's pretty niche, but i thought i'd ask. so i'm super into vocaloid, and there's this REALLY LONG SERIES inside it called the evillious chronicles? there's a LOT of really developed stuff surrounding a lot of the main characters (light novels, manga, songs, etc.) and it's all official stuff that's been developed by the producer. i was wondering about playing one of these characters, but the problem (if it would ever arise, i guess, idk if it would) would be if someone wanted to play another character that's represented by the same vocaloid?

so for example, there's a main character called rillianne who's portrayed by rin kagamine, but there's also main characters also portrayed by her such as gretel and levia (that's where i got my name from kek), but they're from different 'timelines' in the series (it runs from EC 0-100, it has its own dates and stuff). it's kind of hard to explain, because it's a lot of "reincarnations" and things like that. i guess a better example would be miku hatsune, who portrays eve, but also portrays margarita blankenheim, who is technically a sort-of reincarnation of eve's soul. would this information make stuff far too confusing for it to be viable as an option?

i apologise for my really bad explanation!! the series is kind of long and complicated and i feel like i'd be writing essays if i tried to explain it in its entirety ;; it's no bother at all if you want to say no to it, i just thought i'd ask about it!!

Posted by: LAUZ Jan 16th 2018 08:09PM
sorry we didn't see this for a while >< we were also looking into it and trying to figure out how we felt on it. so, we don't allow vocaloids in general, and i'm sure you saw that. this is yet another extension of the vocaloid universe, and because there are so many characters still portrayed by the same vocaloid, we're going to have to say no to this particular fandom. we're trying to steer clear of vocaloids in general, since they're not actually developed characters, per se, and have just always been computer programs.

Posted by: FactuallyPresent Feb 17th 2018 07:28PM
Hello, I would like to know if perhaps from Portal 2 would be a playable character on HeartSigh? I understand that he only appears at the end of the game, but given from his, a lot can be inferred from his personality. As an interaction with others, he has additional lines that, refer to other characters in the game.

I guess the real problem is the history behind his origin, depending on how creative I can get for that, it won't be a problem for his bio, but I understand if it's too ambiguous.

Thanks for your time!! if this doesn't work out, I still have several other characters in mind!

Posted by: BRE Feb 18th 2018 04:21PM
so after reviewing the character i think we’re gonna say no to this one! while core does have a very discernible personality, there’s just not enough information for history without delving into too many headcanons. however, if you were to app, say, chell from portal 2, one of the cores could be her companion as she is often accompanied by one in the game!

Posted by: SONG HANA May 1st 2018 11:48AM
Beep boop. So obviously I am already playing D.Va, but I wanted to ask if it would be acceptable to app Mercy as well? I don't know if Overwatch's cast is large enough yet, but I would love the opportunity to write her so :3c

Posted by: BRE May 1st 2018 12:16PM
seeing as so far in the overwatch lore, mercy and dva don’t interact all that much, it’s definitely fine! the cast hasn’t seemed to be too popular on rp sites even after a year of the game being out so even though it’s a moderately sized cast, there’s no issues in doubling up! we would try and restrict if you tried to go for more than two though!

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 2nd 2018 01:08PM
Can someone post the direct link to the cbox? I can’t get to it on mobile for some reason.

Posted by: EFF May 2nd 2018 01:54PM
weird, maybe you have it toggled? its linked at the top of the board, I don't know why it wouldn't let you click it, unless you can't see it at all. either way though, here you go:

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 5th 2018 07:16PM
Hi! So, my question is a little odd. So, I'm just about to make Arsène Lupin III from the Lupin the Third series, because he's my boi. But, Hera's recently introduced me to another series called Code: Realize, which has nothing to do with the Lupin the Third series, but does have a character named Arsène Lupin.

This is because Arsène Lupin was originally a classic book character, and one of the original Gentleman Thief archetypes. Arsène from Code: Realize plays at being that original character, while Lupin III is meant to be the grandchild of that original character. Their general gimmick is the same, but their personalities are very distinct.

The thing is: I absolutely LOVE Arsène Lupin in all his iterations, and while if I have to choose, I'm going to make Lupin III, now that Hera's informed me that she has had a lot of trouble finding an Arsène to play against her Cardia - I kind of want to play him too. But, I can see how this can be a bit of a weird gray-area for roleplay. I know usually one wants family members to be played by different people for the sake of plots, but since C:R is such a niche game/anime, I'm not sure if I would find someone else to play him. And it's just too interesting to have an alternate-universe, younger iteration of Lupin III grandfather on the board??

I wouldn't have them interact in threads (except maybe in the development boards?) and they would mostly just reference each other. I know it's a bit awkward with them having the same name, but that's also kind of appealing to me.

So, would it be okay to play both of these gentleman thieves?

Posted by: LAUZ May 5th 2018 07:32PM
i'd say, considering i've never seen anyone use lupin III's full name, you'd be fine to play him, just register his account as LUPIN III and refer to him as such. they're two different characters that just happen to share the same origins in classical literature. but again, i've never seen a single person call lupin iii, arsène, he's just always been lupin to me, so that's what he's always referred to as.

edit bre claims i wasn't clear, but i'm saying yes, you can play both. i'm sure you got it, but bre is stupid, so this is me clarifying for her sake.

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 5th 2018 09:14PM
Just to clarify: Lupin III's first name really is Arsène. That's definitely canon, he just never uses it, because he prefers to have his own identity as Lupin III. At least, he's very, very rarely referred to that way in the English dub.

But, I don't mind just registering him as 'Lupin III' or Lupin Sansei if that makes things less confusing!

Thanks for the clarification though! I really appreciate it!!

Posted by: YATA MISAKI May 19th 2018 11:36PM
yooo i got a question here and i have no idea if it already got answered or not.
what about uh... headcanons about someone's childhood or anything? i have written a headcanon about chuuya's childhood that took place before he was merged and used as a vessel for arahabaki.
am i allowed to use that for the freestyle or are headcanons like this kind not allowed?

Posted by: LAUZ May 19th 2018 11:41PM
as long as the headcanon seems believable in the overall canon of the series, then go for it!

Posted by: guest May 29th 2018 11:10PM
is there an age that you have to be to join the site?

Posted by: VAL May 29th 2018 11:24PM
hi guest!!

since heartsigh does have jcink premium, dark themes are allowed to be roleplayed here. there aren’t necessarily any rules here besides jcink’s which states you must be at least thirteen years old to join. it’s mostly at your own discretion to view whatever things you want to view if you’re under-aged. hope that helps!

Posted by: XAYAH Jun 9th 2018 11:19PM
A bit of a random question, but... can we RP characters getting pregnant and having a child? LOL. The child would be NPC.

Posted by: BRE Jun 9th 2018 11:42PM
XAYAH sure can! we don't see any issues with this, just general rule of not everyone on site getting pregnant and having kids. just have some common sense and it's no problem~

Posted by: XAYAH Jun 10th 2018 12:44AM
"just general rule of not everyone on site getting pregnant and having kids"

*spit take*

Thanks for responding! Haha, I was just thinking about Rakan and Xayah making dem kiddos.

Posted by: Guestie Jun 20th 2018 06:31AM
Hi! I just wanted to ask how you would go about a reoccurring character but hasn't had a 100% full backstory yet? So, for example, Aizawa from BNHA, who we see all the time, but the only background we get of him is that one episode of him choosing his Hero name. And, since the series is still ongoing, would we have to edit the app if the creator decides to release more canon info? Sorry if this seems a little confusing!

Posted by: BRE Jun 20th 2018 07:03PM
Hey guest, sorry this took a bit to get back to you, I was sleeping when you posted this. As for Aizawa in BNHA, you can definitely app him given what we know about him so far. We do allow headcanons as well provided that they fit the character and are needed to flesh the character out more.

We do not require people to constantly edit their apps when new information comes out. That's completely up to the person playing the character. Since we have canon pull points, the information that is released for a character up until the canon point is all that we look for. So like... let's say instead of Aizawa (because I'm not super caught up so idk too much about him ;;), we look at Deku. If someone pulled him from his first day at the Academy, he wouldn't have any real relationships with his friends or really know what All Might's power does for him. So unless you would like to keep editing the app when more info comes out which you certainly can, you're only required to have the info that's known at the canon point he's pulled from! And ofc we understand that info comes out after you app and you don't have to follow that unless you choose to! Any questions feel free to post here again or make an account and pm me for more info. I know this is probably kinda confusing, I tried to be as clear as possible.

Posted by: SHIROGANE NAOTO Jul 2nd 2018 03:37PM
hi, is me again. i was wondering if potentially we could all have our own forums for development threads? because i'm the type of person who enjoys having separate threads for each character, but obviously that would really clog up the development board lmao. idm if you guys don't want to (ik it's a lot of extra hassle making forums and whatnot) but it's just a suggestion ;w; ilu <3

Posted by: LAUZ Jul 2nd 2018 09:06PM
i can do that buttercup! not a problem, i'll have to do it a bit later since i am......its been super hot today and i've been in the heat and i'm dying LOL

Posted by: AIN Aug 2nd 2018 01:11AM
I was wondering... what was your opinion on characters from completed manhwa or manga that weren't really serialized, but were completed, on a medium like WebToons? Because if it is at all possible, it'd be a cool thing to allow but if not...*shrugs*

Posted by: BRE Aug 2nd 2018 02:18AM
AIN definitely allowed as long as there's history and personality of the characters! we've had a handful of these types of characters on site, so not an issue. if you have specific ones that you're questioning, pm lauz or i or ask us somewhere else! i would definitely say finished or those with several (100+) chapters would be preferred since you will know more of the character.

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