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Posted by: LAUZ Jul 26th 2016 10:34PM
open threads
for all your threading needs
so, do you have an open thread that you'd love someone to come join but its buried under other threads? well fear not, because now you can post the link here with a quick summary and the character its with. someone will snatch that stuff right up!
whisk away your heartsigh

Posted by: ADACHI TOHRU Apr 1st 2018 04:22PM

ok so serial killer au with adachi wherein he actually kills people by his own hand this time but also still gets sick after doing it. so maybe an off duty cop that's been tailing him, another killer, or...just some random person that maybe has been following him for a bit..a stalker, that'd be A+ lol this can go anywhere, can also turn into sex, but that being the case, men are better, cause adachi is uhhhhh sexist lmfao

Posted by: MEG THOMAS Apr 14th 2018 07:34PM

friday the thirteenth au with meg! so she's one of the counselors at camp crystal lake when jason attacks a random counselor. luckily, none of the kids are there yet, so it's here and thirteen other teenagers that are trying to get the hell away from the camp. she's trying to assemble the boat right now but that's going to be a hot mess. is your muse the killer or someone that actually is going to help her? it could be potentially [m], smut or violence wise, and i'm fine with either!

Posted by: AXEL Apr 24th 2018 01:50PM

open to any male <3. axel is the new potions professor at hogwarts and has this playful rivalry and huge crush on the dada professor who's a few yeas younger than himself. right now it's all cute and pining, lots of sarcasm and flirting. obvs my hope is that maybe ur cute dada prof is bringing some mistletoe cause he's tired of the dance and just wants some axel lovin'. so yes, porn with some plot, it'll be cute too so fluffy porn? idk help. also your kid should either be an ex powder puff or lordly lion <3333

Posted by: RIN May 4th 2018 01:27AM

ok so hi! i got the idea for this red riding hood/big bad wolf thing where virgin girls are sent to 'appease' the wolf of the forest. mostly he should be a good dude, tells the girls to get out of the shit village they come from when they come to him, but this time with rin its super different and he feels just this immediate attraction to her. he's big and scary and is going to give into some wolfish instincts here. so yeah, it'll be a bit of regular old romance manga dubious consent going on, but trust me when i say she's gonna love it. AND THEN IT CAN BE CUTESY STUFF WITH LIKE MATED BOND CRAP. I LIKE THE SOUL MATE STUFF!!!

Posted by: KIM JIHYUN Jun 24th 2018 04:51PM

V is enjoying a cup of coffee and the beautiful day. He loves hearing the stories of other residents here in Elysion anybody want to give him a good story?

Posted by: LEVI ACKERMAN Jun 27th 2018 11:02PM

so the basis of this whole idea is that levi got sucked into a heroic romance novel he was reading and he has been put into the role of the main character. and this main character was meant to enter into a romance with the knight in shining armor, damsel in distress style, except levi is like about only 10% receptive to that because he's never actually been flirted with or anything. so they've been going through this story and this quest and while the knight is almost close to giving up, levi is hurt and they need to hole up while he recovers, and they are getting super close and levi is opening up and quite possibly thinking about making out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this can be mature if you're in the mood for it!!! i just didn't mark it that way to begin with cause its gonna be emotional fluff~ also levi is 5'2" you're welcome. would prefer male for this, cause it makes the 'damsel in distress' thing funnier cause levi's like "no"

Posted by: LEVI ACKERMAN Jul 2nd 2018 04:30AM

so, uh, some vampire/werewolf nonsense? some size-difference kink? you fucking know it pals!!! this is really just smutty, sorry lmfao

Posted by: RIN Jul 2nd 2018 04:35AM

here is an M thread for any ladies out there! nothing in particular in mind. a mortal monster hunter facing off...kind of poorly...against a siren. so you can give this siren a dick if you want, you can use toys, whatever your heathen heart desires!!!

Posted by: ROY MUSTANG Jul 2nd 2018 04:36AM

so this is something i'm reusing because the AU was so good. basically i'm looking for a guy, a vampire, that roy took in after said vampire wound up killing a few people and was devastated by it. their relationship has gone from friends, to roy being a semi-willing blood donor, to a fully willing donor, and now to what it is at the current, which is a donor + lover. so i'm looking for mutual trust, softness, basically something sweet even if roy pretends he's hard to get <3

Posted by: FELICIA HARDY Jul 28th 2018 10:06PM

hey an au where felicia gets caught (bc she doesn't actually lmfao)! but yes so she's in a pretty compromising situation, so let her fuck you to get out of it. this thread is to be filthy af ok? both genders are welcome, she has no preference.

Posted by: BOLIN Aug 5th 2018 01:01AM

open hogwarts au! bolin is a 7th year hufflepuff and is feeling all sorts of pressure to become an auror; when he def doesn't want to. anyways, so he decides to find his slytherin rival/crush and get some accidental advice on ur slytherin's part. long story short, bolin lost control of some drawings and hit his grumpy slytherin in the face. this can stay cute and humors with maybe some kissing and such or get dirty w/e you want. gimmy a grumpy syltherin who totallly is crushing on their super oblivious hufflepuff <3

Posted by: EIZEN Aug 9th 2018 02:55AM
area: pandora, the sleeping owl
eizen is a malak, a species that cannot be seen with the normal human eye... the tavern looks like it's staring at a ghost, but maybe you can talk to him while everyone chooses to gawk. max 2 people, and anyone can see him for this aside from npcs since you can't interact with him if you can't.

Posted by: GABRIEL REYES Aug 9th 2018 03:30AM

he's really not great, but i need to do something with him a thing???? idk guys reaper sucks i'm sorry l o l he was formerly sitting atop the vesper police department eating an empanada cause he's 0 fucks about anything and he's a guardian he can do what he wants.

Posted by: AIN Aug 9th 2018 11:45PM

Here have a guardian angel Ain au. Uhh... too bad your guardian angel was kind of floating in the void for an inordinate amount of time. Or... uh, sorry for your guardian angel not even being much of an angel anymore to begin with. Anyways, have at~

Bonus points for this whole thing being amusing if you didn't even need protection lmao.

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