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LAUZ Posted on Aug 3rd 2016 10:44PM
cbox rulesa small updateo1. please register your name! obviously, if you're going to stick around, have an app in the works, and whatnot, please go ahead and register your name so that you're no longer the guest-gray, but bold instead~ its easy to do that as well; click PROFILE in the bottom right. you must have your chosen name input into the name field, but from there, just make yourself a password and sign in. then you'll be all set! as per the rules, please keep your alias short!o2. please mind your manners. this goes for everywhere on the site, but literally think about what you say before you say it. you need to remember that the chatbox is a public space and anyone can see it. do not be sexual or triggering. you all have to remember that there are all sorts of people, from all walks of life on the site. all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities. please do not be inflammatory. if you're not sure if what you say will be taken properly, please don't say it. if someone tells you something bothers them, listen. if a staff member tells you to stop, stop. literally think about whatever it is you post before you post it. that's the golden rule here. don't be overly sexual or sexualize our members or characters!!!o3. do not harass anyone, honestly. don't harass for replies, for plot posts, don't harass anyone for any reason. that includes the staff! literally everyone on the site has lives outside of this, we're all busy people just looking to have some fun! we do the activity checks for a reason, so just sit and wait patiently for your replies and whatnot. that also being said, don't harass people for any reason, not just posts and whatnot. o4. do not be cliquey. seriously. if someone comes in and says hi...say hi. its really easy to be polite! we were all new once, so make people feel welcome! chill when it comes to your fandom talk, especially if there are already conversations going on. honestly, just include people in things. we've also filtered certain words because there are people on the site that we know are explicitly uncomfortable with them; these include but are not limited to: yaoi, yuri, and waifu for the moment. please do not speak like a weeaboo; nothing irks some of us more than to see people acting childish about the subject matter.o5. this is going to sound weird, but honestly. be normal please. i know that we're a panfandom forum and forums get strange and people get excited about things. but literally, don't act weird. people say things online that they'd never say in person, don't be that guy. again, if someone seems put out by your conversation stop. all these things being said, we are certainly not afraid of issuing chatbox bans. keep that in mind; there will be no warning, you will be banned. first infraction is 3 days, it goes up from there; you get 3 shots then you're out of the chatbox.whisk away your heartsigh
lauz Posted on Jul 19th 2016 10:37AM
the rulesplease follow themo1. respect first and foremost, this is the rule everyone should know; be respectful. keep personal feelings out of the chatbox and off the site, really; we don't really want to hear about all your crazy life drama. this is supposed to be about us having fun, a sort of escape, and when you start bringing real life drama into other people's lives, its not fun anymore. keep your feelings about other people and their characters to yourself--if you don't like them, don't plot. if you do encounter problems with another member, bring it up to an admin, that's what we're here for! talk to us about any problems you may be having, even if they're with the admins themselves. in the end, we expect you to treat other people with respect. that being said, please respect what the staff have to say at all times. if we tell you no, the answer is simply no. we're super easy to talk to, i promise you that, and none of us are ever going to jump down your throat, so please bring all questions to us, even if you believe they're stupid.o2. registering when you register, please register with your character's name in ALL UPPERCASE. please make sure you do this; you can change your own name if you mess up, no need to tell an admin. however, if you do register wrong and don't take note that you've done so, an admin will message you for future reference on how to register. REGISTER WITH YOUR NAME AS YOUR FANDOM DICTATES IT; for example, in japanese culture, it is lastname firstname. you MUST ALSO fill out the information in your mini profile. please. i know its a pain, but it'll look so good when its done. also, keep your aliases short! and don't name yourself after characters or ridiculous notions: cute kitten of the apocalypse is definitely out. just a simple, one word, one name, something that we can address you by.o3. characters we allow just about everything, barring certain adult western cartoons (south park, family guy, etc.). you may play one main character per fandom, unless said fandom is large (like hetalia, one piece, haikyuu!!) but you must ask before you consider it. we do not allow silent protagonists (such as link from legend of zelda) or wildly customize-able characters like the inquisitor from dragon age. you are allowed to play up to two supporting characters per fandom. as for how old your characters can be, we allow no characters under the age of 10. as well, your character's age should reflect how long they've been here in elysion, but please use your discretion. when apping more characters we ask that you have ten (10) posts on your LAST character. one (1) of those must be a reply to a thread or an open thread, and five (5) of them must be plots with five (5) different characters. banned characters are a thing here and its because members have personally found them to be triggering. this list can and will change throughout heartsigh's history but, currently, characters that are banned are as follows: chara from undertale and the joker from dc comics.o4. canon point you are allowed to take your character from any point in their story. when a character disappears from heartsigh (ie: is inactivated or deleted), your character can either maintain their memories of interacting with said character, or not. that's entirely up to you.o5. character death we don't allow you to kill off your character here, however, NPCs are totally fair game. areas where killing is more widely acceptable are vesper and pandora, so keep that in mind. o6. roleplaying we may be a no word count site, but we expect you to be literate! we want real quality on the applications, even if they are shipper apps, so make sure you're able to write enough about your character before you join, as that's what's going to show us all about them--don't go super overboard, however, as only so much will fit in an with the coding. if you need more room for your application section, please talk to lolita! you are also allowed to re-app your character if you like, if you'd like to take them from a different point in their canon. as for what tense you roleplay in, that doesn't really matter. third or first person, even second person, are fine. again, spelling and grammar are always nice, there's a spellcheck button, so use it, please. we can let grammar slide a bit, since this isn't supposed to be an english lecture, but try to be careful; we have plenty of RPers from other countries, non-native english speakers, so we're not really going to jump on you for grammar mistakes, so don't worry.o7. graphics there are three spots for graphics. the avatar is 250x450 and there are three other spots for a square image (200x200, 250x250, etc.), one icon (100x100), and another for a rectangular image (like the bigger gifs you'd find on tumblr). we want everyone to have those images and, if you can't make graphics yourself, just drop a line in the general forum. someone will definitely make something for you!o8. absences we know that real life happens, we won't begrudge you that. real life always comes first, but there's an absence forum for a reason, so please use it. don't let us go around thinking that you fell off the face of the earth. that being said, if you're going to be away for months, we can't guarantee that you won't be made inactive. your account will remain, but your application will be archived and all your claims purged. we feel bad for having to do it, but its been our experience that people that say they're going to be gone for a month usually never come back. you must update your absence once every three weeks. if you're going to be gone for 2+ months, we're going to ask that you consider stepping away and coming back when life calms down.o9. activity checks we do activity checks roughly every month on the 1st of the month; i know they're annoying, but they're absolutely necessary. if you fail to answer an activity check, we change your usergroup to inactive, delete your claims and move your shipper app to the archives. if you find yourself under the inactive group and would like to come back and play, please refer to the forum that only those in the inactive group can see for more information. after you follow the instructions, you need to reclaim your canon and occupation. so, long story short, just posting in a shipper doesn't count as an in character post. if you're taking the time to make characters, then you should definitely want to make the effort to post with some people. as for activity checks, we'll be checking your activity for 3 weeks up to the activity check. so july 1st, you would have needed to post with all of your characters by june 10th. if you've posted on the 9th, 8th, they don't count and you must have posts from june 10th onwards. you are at least expected to do one post a month. we don't ask a lot, but we'd still love if you got involved in the community more than just the single post a month. get involved! you'll have fun.1o. rating we are, indeed, a mature roleplay, so that means that there may be some subject matter not suitable for a younger audience. as it is, you must be at least 13 to join jcink in the first place, but you must be old enough and mature enough to handle dark themes; violence, gore, drugs, and sex. we are also jcink premium, so any mature content is allowed, please just make sure to mark your threads if you believe you're delving into dangerous territory with an [M] in the thread title.11. cbox etiquette as always, we expect questions in the chatbox. at the same time, we don't want any drama inside it. for all the new members and guests reading this rule, this is geared towards you as well; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. just because you dislike how we run a certain aspect of the site, doesn't mean you have the right to say anything about it in a way that is inflammatory; remember that you have every right to leave if you don't like something about us. that's the beauty of the internet, after all! if you have real concerns, you need to PM an admin. don't start trouble in the chatbox, don't whine about all the drama in your life, please just keep it light and friendly. remember that guests can see the chatbox and we really don't want to be offending anyone.12. discord yes, heartsigh does indeed have a discord. the link isn't public in order to protect all our members and to ensure that whomever joins the server is serious about joining the site! that being said, you will be able to get access to the discord when your first character is accepted. if you have questions for us, please drop them in the questions thread or the chatbox; we check both regularly! if you go completely inactive on the site, you will be removed from the server and will need to join again.whisk away your heartsigh