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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
BRE Posted on Aug 2nd 2018 02:18AM
AIN definitely allowed as long as there's history and personality of the characters! we've had a handful of these types of characters on site, so not an issue. if you have specific ones that you're questioning, pm lauz or i or ask us somewhere else! i would definitely say finished or those with several (100+) chapters would be preferred since you will know more of the character.
AIN Posted on Aug 2nd 2018 01:11AM
I was wondering... what was your opinion on characters from completed manhwa or manga that weren't really serialized, but were completed, on a medium like WebToons? Because if it is at all possible, it'd be a cool thing to allow but if not...*shrugs*
LAUZ Posted on Jul 2nd 2018 09:06PM
i can do that buttercup! not a problem, i'll have to do it a bit later since i am......its been super hot today and i've been in the heat and i'm dying LOL
SHIROGANE NAOTO Posted on Jul 2nd 2018 03:37PM
hi, is me again. i was wondering if potentially we could all have our own forums for development threads? because i'm the type of person who enjoys having separate threads for each character, but obviously that would really clog up the development board lmao. idm if you guys don't want to (ik it's a lot of extra hassle making forums and whatnot) but it's just a suggestion ;w; ilu <3
BRE Posted on Jun 20th 2018 07:03PM
Hey guest, sorry this took a bit to get back to you, I was sleeping when you posted this. As for Aizawa in BNHA, you can definitely app him given what we know about him so far. We do allow headcanons as well provided that they fit the character and are needed to flesh the character out more.

We do not require people to constantly edit their apps when new information comes out. That's completely up to the person playing the character. Since we have canon pull points, the information that is released for a character up until the canon point is all that we look for. So like... let's say instead of Aizawa (because I'm not super caught up so idk too much about him ;;), we look at Deku. If someone pulled him from his first day at the Academy, he wouldn't have any real relationships with his friends or really know what All Might's power does for him. So unless you would like to keep editing the app when more info comes out which you certainly can, you're only required to have the info that's known at the canon point he's pulled from! And ofc we understand that info comes out after you app and you don't have to follow that unless you choose to! Any questions feel free to post here again or make an account and pm me for more info. I know this is probably kinda confusing, I tried to be as clear as possible.
Guestie Posted on Jun 20th 2018 06:31AM
Hi! I just wanted to ask how you would go about a reoccurring character but hasn't had a 100% full backstory yet? So, for example, Aizawa from BNHA, who we see all the time, but the only background we get of him is that one episode of him choosing his Hero name. And, since the series is still ongoing, would we have to edit the app if the creator decides to release more canon info? Sorry if this seems a little confusing!
XAYAH Posted on Jun 10th 2018 12:44AM
"just general rule of not everyone on site getting pregnant and having kids"

*spit take*

Thanks for responding! Haha, I was just thinking about Rakan and Xayah making dem kiddos.
BRE Posted on Jun 9th 2018 11:42PM
XAYAH sure can! we don't see any issues with this, just general rule of not everyone on site getting pregnant and having kids. just have some common sense and it's no problem~
XAYAH Posted on Jun 9th 2018 11:19PM
A bit of a random question, but... can we RP characters getting pregnant and having a child? LOL. The child would be NPC.
VAL Posted on May 29th 2018 11:24PM
hi guest!!

since heartsigh does have jcink premium, dark themes are allowed to be roleplayed here. there aren’t necessarily any rules here besides jcink’s which states you must be at least thirteen years old to join. it’s mostly at your own discretion to view whatever things you want to view if you’re under-aged. hope that helps!