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 DEVOID OF C O L O R, mystic messenger / bre



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fandom mystic messenger
species human
age twenty three
occupation marionette employee
prefers he/him
personal information
mature yes triggers ask before contact discord or pm
han jumin caring for
played by BRE
timezone EST
prefers SHE/HER
joined October 5th 2016
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whisk away your heartsigh

ryu hyun

Everything is grey His hair, his smoke, his dreams And now he's so devoid of color He don’t know what it means

the basics

full name ryu hyun
age twenty three
occupation marionette employee
species human
pronouns he/his
usergroup vesper
fandom mystic messenger

the powers

zen is 100% human with really good genes. he never tries to use his looks to get him things, but he realizes that it does happen on occasion. he also has a really good immune system and health to where he can sprain his ankle and the doctor will tell him 2 weeks for healing and it'll only take 3 days. he also sometimes has these psychic style dreams where if he wakes up in a sweat and his chest is in pain from the dream it means that it'll likely come true in some way.

the canon


after the accusations from echo girl, but before the party following the good ending for his route.

tw for emotional abuse and rape claims!

rika are you coming to my musical tonight? 08:38 a

i'm a little nervous tbh..08:38 a

it's my first time in a main role and i know i've practiced my lines and the steps 08:39 a

but that doesn't mean anything in my mind.. what if i'm not good enough? 08:39 a

what if they boo me off stage? 08:39 a


i know everyone is sleeping but i just.. i needed to tell someone i was nervous 08:45 a

i have to go in for last minute fittings and changes, so i'll be back 08:46 a

if i don't die of stage fright or severe beating from tomatoes ;; 08:46 a

the silver haired male frowned at his phone, his ranting at an empty chat had done nothing to restore his mood. he was more than nervous, he was a complete mess and he knew rika would message him later to reassure him that he'd be fine and would see her in the audience. but he wasn't sure that would be enough. it'd been a few years since he'd run away from home and was trying to make a living as a singer and actor.

it had been rika and v who had saved him from living life on his own, they'd taken him in and supported him. telling him that it was alright to fail a few times and that he had real fans. rika was his biggest fan. she also introduced him to jumin and his offer. but the boy couldn't take it. it was a hand out and he had to prove to his family that he could do this on his own. they thought he couldn't be successful as an actor or singer. he'd only gain whatever fame he obtained through his looks, not his skills. it made him angry more than anything. how could his own family not support him?

he was never smart like his brother, never did well in school. knew he'd never be the doctor or businessman that they wanted him to be. he wants to be an actor and singer, he always has ever since he found out he had a decent sounding voice. and yet he never heard anything about that. just about how he couldn't do well, how he disappointed them with his failing grades. about how they wished he could be more like his brother.

then stupid jumin with his money handed down to him without having to work for it, just offering it him him? god, that pissed him off even more. taking money from someone else meant he hadn't succeeded, that he hadn't proved them wrong. what was the point of running away and trying to prove himself if he took a hand out. jumin han just pisses him off.

at least he has rika and v and sometimes yoosung to support him. it's still hard though. this is his first major role and he's never had anything more than a few minutes of fame. nothing too big until now. he knows that everyone believes in him, but he still has to prove it to them. all of them. which is why his nerves are so intense today. his fingers hover over the still empty chat screen as he knows he needs to leave or else he'll be late. but he steels his jittering hands and heads out for the last few hours of practice, waiting to hear his phone ring out later with the assurance he needs to hear.

i can't believe she's gone.. 03:17 a

it feels like my life is falling apart when it was going so well03:17 a

god, i can't even imagine how you feel, v 03:17 a

i... i'm here if you need me03:20 a

i can't sleep at all, so if any one needs to talk, i'm probably awake03:45 a

rika... i miss you so much already.04:51 a

the one person that he knew really cared about his work and his skills was gone. sure, he knew v cared and seven and yoosung and even jumin, in his weird way. but it wasn't the same. it would never be the same. he didn't think he'd ever have someone on his side who would support his singing and acting like rika did. there was just no way that'd be possible.

it was as if his entire world was falling apart with the death of one of the people he loved the most. it wasn't a romantic love, no. those rose colored glasses were aimed at someone else in rika's fundraising association, but he'd never admit that. not right now and not anytime in the near future. it just wasn't the right timing. zen didn't think it'd ever be the right timing now. how was he supposed to confess romantic feelings when the entire associate could come crashing down around him the second someone breathed too hard.

it was a thought he never thought he'd have about the rfa. it'd always been a solid foundation in the background. holding him up and propelling him forwards, providing that sense of security that he needed. and now he didn't have that. sure, it was a small part of his life in retrospect, but at that moment, rika was his whole life.

the entire rfa was extremely important to him, they were his family and the only support system he had. losing one was like a knife in the heart and he wasn't sure he'd be able to move on. but he had to. zen knew that was what riak would have wanted from him. from all of them. she would've wanted him to continue acting and singing and for them to continue throwing parties. and he wanted to. he wanted life to return to as normal as possible, whatever normal was without the key part in all of their lives.

but with v becoming more distant, showing up less in the chat, it became different. yoosung was angry at v for pulling away and was turning towards his games more. jumin threw himself into his business and worked jaehee to the bone. and seven was.... doing god knows what. so zen did what he could. he worked hard at his lines, went to more auditions, branched out from his usual roles, tried his hardest to succeed. this time it wasn't just to prove his family wrong, but now it was to prove rika right.

ECHO GIRL!! 12:37 p

i can't believe her!12:37 p

you guys don't believe her... right?12:42 p

god how could she say this?12:42 p

i'd never do that 12:44 p

{Name} you know i'd never do that12:45 p

i already have eyes for someone else! 12:45 p

my career..... 12:57 p

it's a shock when a new person starts talking in the private rfa chat. it was exclusively for members of the association and none of the members had given the information out. even seven couldn't figure out how this girl was able to get into the chat. but eventually v and seven trusted her. he had no choice but to trust her either since he believed in v. there was doubt in his mind, but he didn't want to doubt his friends.

she was... different. she believed him like no one else besides rika had. it was hard not to compare them, but she was so different from rika that it was easy to tell them apart. she supported him in the ways he needed it, in the ways that rika had and in all the ways that rika couldn't. she was a breath of fresh air not only for him, but for the association as well.

they were talking about hosting parties once more and being more active as a group again and he was beyond happy. it meant his family was coming back together and that was the best thing ryu could ask for.

not only was rfa looking up, but he'd been cast in a major roll with a major celebrity - echo girl. she was a big name, even yoosung and seven knew about her. it was a huge deal to be cast in the musical, zen knew it was. and he knew what it meant for his career. he didn't need jaehee reminding him about maintaining his image, he knew he shouldn't make his private life public, but he hated keeping secrets. and yet, he'd been keeping a secret for years and would likely keep it for longer. who was he to try and drown out those feelings with those of another? he was just a simple man after all.

however, he should always remember that when things are too bright, the shadows will fall swiftly. and fall they did.

they fell like a heavy boot stomping through a rainy puddle, looking to douse everything in muddy water. the feelings he'd presented towards the newest member of the rfa came back to haunt him as echo girl showed up at his house. normally he would have flirted along, been the coy and suave playboy that he was known to be. but he was trying to court the new girl, he couldn't have her thinking he would cheat on her. so he turned echo girl down, claimed his heart belonged to another. and he went to bed thinking everything was fine. everything was fine, right?

no. it wasn't. echo girl created those... rumors about him. how he'd come onto her and tried to force himself on her. they were all lies, but no one seemed to care for his side of the story. he wasn't famous like her, he didn't have the following like her. she was trying to bury him because she was hurt about being rejected. it wasn't his fault that he'd been tangled up in his web of secrets and lies. he wouldn't have even been telling her the truth if the newest member of rfa wasn't in the picture.

for the first time in his life, he accepted the help of others. jaehee crafted him a speech, seven helped to minimize the exposure of the false claims, yoosung stood by as emotional support, even jumin provided help in the form of money and connecting with reports to hear his press conference. the first part of jumin's help he promptly declined, but extended the olive branch of filming the cat food commercial despite being allergic to cats.

his mother, rika, the new member of the rfa, echo girl. all the women in his life have played substantial roles in forming his past, his present, and his future. he knows that women are dangerous, that they can be manipulative and benevolent and that they can be both. he knows that it's best to trust in himself and those that believe in him to see where the future will take him.

it's with a nervous shake of his head to clear his mind before the press conference that he realizes this. perhaps he should've confessed that secret all that time ago, maybe none of this would've happened. he'd never know now.

i don't know if you guys will get this.. 5:32 p

it's been awhile since there's been a response on here 5:32 p

i do miss you all5:38 p

but i want you to know that i'm okay5:38 p

i have a job, a place to stay, food5:39 p

it's not the same but it works 5:39 p

it's passable 5:43 p

everything is so different here.. 6:02 p

the lights of back stage quickly faded to the street lights of an unknown city. he didn't know where he was, but it definitely wasn't korea any more. and it definitely wasn't the press conference stage at rika's fundraising association's party. this place was almost... dirty. it had a gritty feel to it as if it was some old western movie from the united states. it couldn't be though, zen knew that wasn't possible. he'd never been cast in a show or musical like that. and he'd definitely just been on stage at the party.

he asked the first person walking by that looks somewhat respectable. the woman's face is full of confusion when he asks for an explanation, giving him a look as she states the name. vesper. it doesn't make any sense.

vesper? where the hell was vesper?

it took a little while before zen settled into life in vesper. he kept thinking he'd wake up, that he'd get transported back to korea somehow. but as hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. and finally, weeks into months. he couldn't stand the idea of not seeing his friends anymore, of just sitting around and waiting for something to happen.

at least he had a job here, at least he could make some money. but it wasn't the same. nothing was the same.


alright this is hyun ryu from the mobile phone game mystic messenger. it's a dating simulator app that has multiple character routes as well as multiple endings for each character. he specifically goes by zen throughout the game and he's taken along his good ending route with the mc. in canon he was a actor and singer, however being in this new world has made him want to change things up. he's now an employee at the marionette in vesper. he doubles as a dancer and a bartender, though more often as a dancer as he's one of the few male employees who dance. it's not his favorite job, but he didn't want to seek the fame and fortune that he'd tried to in the game. he's characterized as being really flirty and narcissistic and basically in love with himself. but that's mostly because he experienced a lot in his childhood. outside of those traits, zen is also playful and extremely devoted. he also has a somewhat short fuse, especially in regards to some people.

his family always wanted him to be successful, however they knew he was pretty. so his mother was always telling him how ugly he was and how unwanted he was as well. but then strangers and people at school always wanted to touch him or play with his hair and he didn't know why. his parents wanted him to be successful as a doctor or businessman, but instead he wanted to be a musician/actor and was seen as a disappointment. because of this he ended up running away when he was fifteen. it was at this time that he met rika and v and became a more established actor/singer. this was also the time that the rfa came into existence and he met the rest of the cast.


these will be fairly easy tbh. he was an actor before coming here, so he knows how to cater to fans, now guests of the marionette. he can easily put on a show and be whoever people want him to be. he's charismatic and suave and knows what to say and when to say it. however, he can also be too forward and push some buttons as well. he has a lot of trouble opening up to people about his past and therefore some people can see him as fake.. which... he is a lot of the times. it's pretty easy to see through his facade though, especially if you've been around him a bit. but he's good at hiding things and if he thinks it's important to keep a secret, he'll try even harder to do so.


there are times when zen crosses lines with things. sometimes he's too flirty and forward and ends up coming across as trying too hard. so there's always people that thing they're going to get one thing from what he's saying and then it turns out he was simply just saying everything, he had no intentions to act on it. zen also has a short temper when it comes to people offering him things, especially money, to help him out. it's been ingrained in him that he has to prove things himself and that hand outs make him lesser than he is. so he gets rather pissy about that. zen can also act rather childish about things and doesn't care if it makes him seem foolish, he's trying to prove a point most likely.


alright so... this is confusing. zen acts and portrays himself as a total flirt. he will even go as far as flirty touches to get his points across and get people to be swayed by what he's saying. however, he rarely means it. as part of his job, zen dances and bartenders in rather provocative clothes all while being paid to flirt. think strippers, but not naked tbh. he also has a strict no touch policy and if you break it, he'll get you blacklisted from the building. the easiest time to tell when zen actually means what he's saying is when he's not sugar coating his words. there's no lines, no gimmicks, just him talking. it's extremely rare for him to do that however and if he does, it means a lot. however, zen has sort of had these weird.. emotions for someone in the rfa for a while that he's refused to act on and those have gotten him into some trouble recently with other "lovers". so he's not on the market for anything long term, but a few flirty friends and casual hookups are acceptable. hookups and flings will be a lot rarer.

the player

alias bre
timezone est
pronouns she/her
mature content yes!


no real triggers, just ask about questionable things! thanks to lauz for the message coding~



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whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go claim your canon, claim your occupation, and member directory! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to post an introduction so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
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jumin + zen
listen you already know how many feels i have for my cat daddy. he is so sad and needs to be so protected and i promise that he'll start perking up eventually. right now he's just wallowing and taking medication to elevate his mood but he's also sitting here stewing LOL so jumin is a LOT more guarded about it, and doesn't quite understand it, but as far as his own Feels go, he'll be really confused about it. zen doesn't want any of his money, only his attention, and that's really confusing to him, mostly because zen never really seemed to like him before. he gets that this is a new place and also thinks zen may just be latching onto something familiar. honestly, he may also be curious as to why jaehee and zen aren't dating cause like, jaehee always really liked him? listen, he just doesn't get it. i also have too many feelings about all this i want to write a novel of stuff i haven't already told you. one day he's going to have to come clean about why he is the way he is and about all those tangled threads and honestly, might mention that zen tangles them a little more, but not in a bad way either? its hard for him to explain, and he also doesn't quite know where he stands with zen yet, so that's not great for him. but also open up to him in this world about why you always seemed to hate him, zen. he'd be really apologetic, even though he can't help being who he is. honestly though, just think about him being so genuine and awkward and cute? its gross, goodbye. also be fucking nice jaehee goddamn???????????? jumin is a prince.



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rize + zen
i strangely see him clicking with rize? while i read his shipper information, my rize muse was triggered and now she's interested. not in a 'she wants to eat him' kind of way, because i think his personality would mash well enough with hers.

she'll have no problem piercing through his act, which is why he shouldn't even try, though he probably will upon their first meeting. anyhow, i think she'll find his narcissistic personality endearing, even though it's a defense mechanism for him. rize isn't completely heartless, but people have to really interest her to start a friendship with someone. just like her friend shuu, who is pretty out there, which makes him interesting.

he's interesting, which means she'd be interested in him and i think it would be possible for them to have a friendship. she'd be willing to give it time for him to open up about his past, as she doesn't talk about her own past easily. so, who knows, they could share in their horrible pasts? let me know what you think.

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