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lauz Posted on Jul 19th 2016 10:38AM
the world of elysionand all its sectorsthe beginnings of elysion are still a mystery to most--only the mayor and his representatives know of its somewhat sordid past, and said past has only been written about in records that are kept far away from prying eyes. the mayor, octavius fleetwood, is a jovial and kind man, always willing to help those in need and does everything he can to keep elysion a great place to live alongside his representatives of each sector, which act as right-hand men and women to him.the sectors were formed one after the other for the growing need for different areas and population as more and more people started showing up from other universes to this one. another planet, another dimension, no one's really sure just what elysion is, only that it is now home. money in elysion is all the same, made of paper and coins of the same denomination as money around the world; wherever you're from, your currency is accepted. languages are inherent--understanding one language, even if its not what you speak is part of the magic of the world. education is based on a combination american/japanese with rotating teachers and multiple classes per day. if you have any questions about the world itself, please either post in the questions thread, or PM an admin!the capitolcentral hub • #d2a4a4the capitol is the first town to ever be developed in elysion. formerly very open, with a few towns--reminiscent of zephyr--and a lot of wide open areas, development has taken the capitol and thrust it into the bustling hub of elysion. the mayor makes his home here in the upscale part of the capitol. the area itself goes from urban to rural. the center is an urban jungle full of tall buildings, shops on every street, and very few living spaces. when you get out of the concrete jungle, you have apartments and small lines of stores, parks and recreational areas. finally, on the outside, in the uptown district, you have your homes and mansions, parks, and long, wide open streets. as the central hub of elysion there are tons of jobs and opportunities of all kinds. the mayor, octavius fleetwood, is in charge of the entirety of elysion.terminustechnology & science • #d2a4c2due to a need for more power and transportation, new technology and the like, terminus was the second developed sector. terminus holds the main, literal powerhouse of the world, NERVE; a huge tower with neon lights that glow at night that provides hundreds of jobs as well as power and support to everyone in elysion. hustle and bustle is pretty commonplace here. at two in the morning the entire town seems to shut down, stores go dark, everything closes, and the streetlights are forced to flicker to life. the only thing that can be seen for miles around is the power tower with its dancing lights. the town wakes up again at nine in the morning, also dubbing it the 'lazy sector', which is definitely the farthest from the truth. terminus holds all the technological advancements as well as mechanics galore and the very prestigious ESS tower--the elysion support systems tower. not the tallest tower, but a large building that has floors and floors of support for whatever vehicle you happen to use, including public transportation, as well as just general support for anything--from small devices to large ones. the representative of terminus is munakata reisi (played by lolita).halcyonmagic & fantasy • #b8a4d2rumor has it that halcyon was the third area developed and that before pandora (the mage that trashed the sector named after her) went insane, she wanted a safe-haven for those that came from magical worlds. in halcyon you'll see beasts of legend, you'll see creatures that you've never seen before, that you didn't even know ever existed. halcyon is the sector of all things magical and whimsical, of bread and butterflies and plants that will actually sing songs to you. the sector itself is very carefree and casual and the people here are said to be among the nicest that you'll ever meet (with the second being cascata). halcyon is also the central hub of all information in elysion. if you need to research something, come to halcyon, because chances are, someone there will know just what you need. there's a gigantic library with a whole second building dedicated to just records for the entire world. halcyon also, being right next to zephyr, has some of the loveliest natural landscapes including a waterfall on the far east side with a river that cuts right through the middle of town, ending in mirror lake (so named because it is so clear, it always mirrors the sky). in halcyon you'll find magic users of all types as well as a slightly more old-world feel; certainly nothing like the technologically advanced terminus. the representative of halcyon is roy mustang (played by lolita).pandorauntamed & lawless • #a4add2rumor has it that pandora was named after a female mage that harbored such an intense darkness that it took her over and drove her mad. when asked about the legend, the mayor always denies that said rumors are true but, somewhere in the archives, lays an old, tattered book with information about a mage named pandora. why this area, so wild open and dangerous, was named after her, or what her true significance was, is a mystery. pandora itself borders the rest of the sectors and the gates out from the rest of elysion and into the wilds of pandora are heavily guarded. those that don't have the proper identification are not allowed into the sectors; that doesn't stop people from finding ways to get past the boundaries and either into the sectors or out into pandora. its a dangerous place to be, has zero police presence, and its every man for himself. littered with small colonies, like refugees after a nuclear fallout, there are gangs and criminals, assassins for hire, and creatures that can only be considered monsters. the only jail in the world is located in pandora and its a place you don't want to find yourself in. there is no representative in pandora.zephyrthe wilderness • #a4c6d2the only lasting sections of true, beautiful wilderness left in elysion. not that everything is all developed everywhere, but zephyr is full of wild animals living in natural habitats and very few civilized towns. this sector is bigger than the rest and bordering both cascata and halcyon. it is full of valleys and mountain ranges, vast plains and prairies, as well as quite a few ruins and caves. all in all, if you like to go hiking, this is where you would go. the main town, corvid, is where most people go to live, but its so rural that every home is guaranteed to have at least a small farm. there isn't a whole lot of technology out here and its only found in the cities that you'll come across, mostly in the way of general household appliances and cell phones. regardless, people really like living here because it offers freedom and peace and quiet. all the animals you'll find here are real-world animals and, thus, it makes a lot of people comfortable to know that there are flocks of naturally occurring cows, sheep, even bison. of course, you'll get the occasional fantasy animal from halcyon, but they all seem to coexist just fine. you have to be careful in zephyr, however, because there are definitely thieving guilds and bandit camps that you definitely don't want to encounter. but you'll also see the traveling carnival here, more often than not, due to the wide open areas, full of wayfarers that like to put on a show. the representative of zephyr is chrom (played by faux).cascatathe seaside • #a4d2b5cascata is usually the hottest vacation spot around due to its many beaches as well as the floating coliseum. cascata was born out of a need for more natural resources and, thus, using the water to their advantage, the old representatives and mayor decided it could be profitable for all of elysion to make something of a vacation destination. cascata is on the opposite side of terminus, nestled next to zephyr and cut off from vesper via the mangroves. it really is a home away from home, because all the locals are strangely alright with their home being used as a hotspot. maybe its because their homes are actually all out on the water. cascata boasts beautiful beaches and the coliseum, but it also has a unique housing system; all homes are built on the water and connected by bridges instead of sidewalks--each home's basement has sturdy one-way glass walls and acts almost like a big aquarium. this is because the sea life in cascata is so vibrant, the locals have decided that not being able to see the reefs would be a waste. regardless, cascata is full of water-themed everything, including a waterpark and hot springs. people in cascata usually eat a lot of fish, seeing as how its readily available. out on the water is the floating coliseum and its where all major events are held from concerts to important speeches by the mayor; its a huge structure with its own power grid, totally separate from the rest of cascata, because of how massive it is. its said that it can fit everyone in elysion inside it. many people think that there's something else to the coliseum, that maybe its a contingency plan in case pandora gets to be too much for the officials to handle. the representative of cascata is noctis lucis caelum (played by opie).vespervictorian fantasy • #cad2a4vesper was the final sector to be established and it is, by far, the darkest of them all. runoff from pandora, all the refugees from said sector are always shuffled into this one. vesper is usually dark and dreary and reminiscent of a dark victorian fantasy novel. the main thing about vesper is that it is almost entirely mafia run; the two leading mafias being the strigoi mafia and the alesio mafia. crime is pretty rampant in this sector and the police force is generally very lax--oftentimes they're paid off by either don of the mafias to keep quiet. on the east side of town are the very high-scale homes belonging to anyone that can make it in this sector; usually just members of the mafia or other criminals. the west side is generally very run-down and cheap. they meet in the middle in the center of town where the main square holds all the hustle and bustle of shops and other commerce. on the outskirts of town, bordering pandora, and sometimes leaking into pandoran lands, are various factories that produce a lot of raw material for jewelry or technology about elysion. there is consistent fighting between the two mafias over an old mansion up on the hill and no one's really sure why they want it, just that its also rumored to be excessively haunted. the representative of vesper is f. scott fitzgerald (played by bre).wayfarerthe wanderers • #d2c8a4these are our wanderers, vagabonds, drifters. they go from place to place, sector to sector. wayfarers can choose to settle down in a sector but still be considered wanderer if they make it a habit to adventure.whisk away your heartsigh