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fandom ONE PIECE
species HUMAN
prefers HE/HIS
personal information
played by LAUZ
timezone EST
prefers SHE/HER
joined February 9th 2017
status Offline

whisk away your heartsigh

vinsmoke sanji  

we’re all killers. we’ve all killed parts of ourselves to survive. something somewhere had to die so we could stay alive.          

the basics

full name vinsmoke 'black leg' sanji  
age 21
occupation chef + guardian
species human
pronouns he/his
usergroup cascata
fandom one piece

the powers

sanji is among the top three fighters in the straw hat pirates crew; he has tremendous physical strength. his fighting style, taken from his master zeff, is based around his legs. he's got great endurance and agility. its worth noting that sanji is considered a 'failure' by his father + other siblings because the genetic mutations that his father made his children undergo didn't really 'take' on him; this being because his mother wanted to assure at least one of her children came out 'human'. he's still somewhat superhuman, though. he's also the best swimmer on the crew and has developed a faster swim technique and a technique that's like flying. he can also utilize fire in his black leg technique and an assortment of 'diable jambe' techniques. along with his physical prowess he is notably tactical, possibly the best tactician on the crew. also its not a power but he's legit the best cook, thank you.

the canon

fairly recent canon, after its revealed that charlotte pudding has 0 interest in him and thinks him just as lame as his supposed 'family'.


THE VINSMOKES are a family of royal blood, of extreme strength and military prowess. you are born a vinsmoke but you are not a vinsmoke. secrets run deep in your family and you are the worst of their secrets. while pregnant, you learn that your mother did everything she could to keep you from becoming a monster like your siblings. she wanted to keep you human, so that you may retain the very things that make a person who they are--the capacity to love, to grieve, to rationalize and reason, to know the difference between right and wrong. your siblings have never been able to make those distinctions. you're close to your mother until the day she dies and you promise, for her, that you will be good. you will be kind to the world, just as she always was. you'll become a chef for her (because even though the food you made for her was ruined, she wanted you to cook for her always). the idea angers your father, your siblings. time and time again its reiterated how strange you are, how weak, how feeble, how not cut out to be a vinsmoke you are. just a small child and you're suffering brutal beatings from your oldest siblings while the others stand by and watch. when push comes to shove, you fight back as much as you can, but you've never been a match for their outlandish strength--not back then, anyway.

when you're eight years old your father makes a formal announcement--you've died. small and weak, you couldn't hold out and your life was taken in a tragic accident. its not true, not true at all. instead, you're shoved down into the cell blocks below the castle. a mask is put on to hide your hideously bruised face, and there you remain, inside a cell for whoever knows how long. it feels like years, its not really that long at all--six months at the most. the days stretch by and you cry and beg, just pleading for them to forgive you for whatever you'd done. you're brought books and fed meals, the only time your mask is removed. you read about the all blue in your cookbooks and that's when your dream to find the all blue develops. reiju is the only one of your siblings that visits you and shows a hint of concern; the others like to mock you. reiju isn't the nicest, but she treats your wounds, she talks to you, and though she has the emotional range of a cobweb, its nice to have company. you can safely say you hate her the least of your siblings. its reiju that helps you escape from your confinement, and though she's not nice about it--says you're just so pathetic--you are free and you make a break for it to the ship that your sister pointed out. your father lets you go, strangely enough, when you encounter him during your escape. his only condition? you never speak about your relationship to the family. that's just fine with you.

the world outside is harsh, you've never really seen it before beyond germa, but the seas are rough and the people are rougher. you were working aboard the orbit, ten years old and already a chef, when your ship was attacked. a terrible storm claims both ships and you're sure that you'll perish. you come to on an island with the pirate that attacked the orbit. days went by, the two of you growing hungrier and hungrier until you decided that you would kill this man for the food he was obviously storing in his sack. instead you found only treasure spilling from its depths. astute and intuitive, you realize--much to your horror--that this pirate, this 'red leg' zeff--ate his own leg to save you. any food you found on the island was yours and yours to keep, he survived on whatever he could. zeff turned out to be a better father figure than your own had ever been. a ship rescued you two some time later and you swore to him--after hearing how much he wanted to see all blue, how his dreams were not so unlike your own--that you would never refuse food to anyone. zeff achieved his first dream of creating a floating restaurant and you became a chef on the baratie; your smoking habit started soon after to which zeff remarked it would ruin your taste buds.

impossible, nothing was going to keep you from fulfilling your promise to zeff and to your mother. a man now you may be, but mind over matter, you weren't going to let anything get in the way of this.


MEAT makes up the primary and one of the most important parts of someone's diet. with meat you get protein and the strength building vitamins needed to keep one's body healthy. you never really understood vegetarians and why they'd cut out such an important element from their diets; you can't really handle them. meat is one of your favorite things to cook with since, while maybe not as versatile as other things, you can do so much with a slab of meat. luffy always wants meat for any meal that you make and, most of the time, you happily oblige. its important, after all, that you all keep your strength up, traveling at sea for so long. he, however, is a little bit of a heathen in the long run and will gnaw on a piece of meat, bone still in it, before you even get it cooked all the way. imparting any kind of wisdom in the art of being a chef is generally wasted on him. simple and almost too innocently kindhearted for his own're not like that, and yet, the bond you made with luffy is probably the strongest bond you've made with anyone outside of zeff.

you two had so much more in common than you thought when you met him for the first time. admittedly, you thought very little of this strange kid to show up on the baratie and come to your aid--a person he didn't even know. you will be the first to admit that those that disrespect food in any way, shape, or form are the worst kind of people. (and maybe those that see fit to push people around, that want to do just what they want to do with no candor or concern for the lives of those around them.) was it right for you to beat the shit out of that useless marine? no, probably not. did you do it? well, yeah, of course you did it. when all was said and done and cleared up, you did what no one else would do and that was serve food to a dangerous pirate that no one else would serve. when it comes to food, it doesn't matter who you are, you still deserved to eat. and that was when luffy, perhaps touched by your bout of kindness after having seen you beat someone to a pulp, first asked you to join his crew.

childish is his dream, to be a pirate captain, but you've heard that before. all you've ever wanted was to see was the all blue, the one legendary spot in the whole world where all four corners of the ocean meet. a veritable treasure trove of resources for any chef in the world. you share this dream with zeff, but you were always mocked for your immature goal. maybe that's why you grew to understand luffy more than even you want to admit. he's a noisy brat, doesn't understand the aesthetics of cooking, eats too much, he is prone to outbursts and is ridiculous beyond measure but there's something good underneath it all. an idiot he may be, but he's more capable a captain than some others you've seen. in the time you spend with the straw hat pirates you come to understand luffy, so much so that you've often offered your own life for his. zeff, you realize, has taught you well.


TANGERINES are citrus, sweet and tangy, and are perfect for their vitamin content. sailing for so long on large open waters, citrus is so important to prevent scurvy; you, however, just really like fruit. perfect for savory or sweet dishes, great as a garnish or incorporated into a sauce meant to compliment something else. you suppose some people could find them more sour than sweet, but that's if they're not ripe enough. you always do well to pick any fruit or vegetable at the peak of its ripeness, as that's when they make the best dishes. nami's favorite food are tangerines and you've made sure to keep them around as often as possible. there's nothing better than seeing her face light up when she takes a bite of one. admittedly, you like to boast that it was because of nami--and how taken with her you were when you first saw her--that you joined the crew. you suppose that's half-right at least; it certainly wasn't because you respected luffy either. of course not. she loves the attention you give her and that's more than enough for you. she manipulates you, that's pretty obvious, but if she's happy, then you are also happy. she's kind and sweet, but she can also kick ass and that's something you love to see in a woman. in some ways, she reminds you of your mother--you'd never tell her that, no one wants to be compared to anyone's mother. you are gentle with her and you are kind, and maybe your love for her is just, in general, your affection for women. you easily consider her one of your best friends.

you've traveled with the straw hat pirates a long time, have gotten to figure each one out with certainty. nevermind that one time you were thrown into nami's body but, suffice it to say, you know her inside and out by now. regardless, you'd do anything to protect her, to protect the crew, and that's why you adamantly deny you want anything to do with them back on whole cake island. you knew you'd have to do it, to separate yourself from them somehow. how can you do that, though, when you have such respect for all of them? you know there's respect for you in nami, she knows you'll always do whats best for the crew and for everyone involved, and maybe this isn't it, but you can't get them involved. the last you saw of nami was the tears in her eyes, felt the sting of her hand, and the overwhelmingly crushing grief of having to do what you did. turning on your friends, your family like that is painful. you don't know if she'll ever forgive you, even if you explain. you picture her face, bright and shining, the warmth of her smile, and it makes things better sometimes.


SANDWICHES are, sometimes, a little plain. they're not a masterpiece, not by any means, especially not considering the fact you can make four-layer cakes with relative ease. or full course meals from appetizer to dessert, slaving away in a kitchen all day to feed the people that matter to you. no, sandwiches are quick and they're easy, and anyone can make them. however, they incorporate all the most important parts of ones diet: wheat, dairy, vegetables, and protein--unless you're a vegetarian, and you always wondered just where the fun in that was anyway. they're perfect for quick, on the go meals when you can't figure out just what else you want. when it comes to making dinners, nico robin is shockingly easy to please. your beginnings are hostile to start, as she is a threat to the crew; admittedly, you knew you'd never actually hurt her despite holding a gun to her head. you're love-struck with her the same way you are with nami but, instead of getting exasperated at your ill advances, she is nothing but polite and calm. its a nice duality between her and nami. you don't worry about her the same way you worry about nami, even if nami can hold her own as well, because robin is a lot tougher than she looks. she's admirable, really. you make a bond with her that you don't have with nami, a bond that can only happen between two people that have similar stories. you really just feel a kinship in her, going so far as to outright call her your friend. you never really say that about anyone.

you ask for her advice and you ask for it often. something about her shows a sort of wise side and, as such, you think that she's one of the only ones--besides chopper--that can offer any kind of assistance. more than once you've subtly hinted at the darkness of your past and the trials and tribulations you went through as a child. you do so through covert means, sometimes just through idle chit-chat. whether she gets your intentions or not, you're never sure. she doesn't seem to know what's going on when you take your leave so you assume that she never got all the hints. you've heard about her past, about being used by CP9 and it strikes a chord. they're sick, and you say as much. it reminds you of your so-called family, about how your father has merely used them in some ways. you don't pity them, of course, you can't stand them, but maybe you can understand a little bit more. they're merely victims of circumstance, the same as you. however, you turned out human--its nice to hear reiju say how much she envies you for being able to feel the way you do--and you're better off for it. your relationship with robin is that of confidants, you suppose. the same as nami, you can't handle hearing her insulted, and sometimes you wonder if that's just because she is so important to you.


FISH, in theory, fits into the category of meat. however, its so different from the red meat or white meat that people often eat, it has to go in its own special category. you can't cook it the same, or season it the same, but it still provides protein. not to mention, fish is so readily available out at sea that its the easiest of meats to procure. luffy is never as thrilled to get fish as usopp is, as he prefers the livestock variety of meat, but still, no one really complains when its fish every night for a week. like luffy, usopp is someone that will overeat and deplete your supplies before you have time to fish for more. he's a pain in the ass, honestly, constantly declaring you his 'bodyguard' though you've never given him reason to even think that you care enough to protect him--though you do, you always will, you'd do anything for all of them. true to form, your first meeting with him is under vaguely hostile circumstances; you argued and you argued tenaciously. usopp is someone that's, honestly, kind of hard to stay angry with. sure, you beat him down when he scavenges for food that you're supposed to make last the entire week, but all the same, you'd never really let him get hurt. maybe being his bodyguard is more accurate; then again, you're everyone's bodyguard then, because you'd throw yourself in front of a bullet for any of them. you're just as brash with him as with the other guys on the crew, brushing him off and telling him you don't really care if he sacrifices himself. you do, however, because then that would mean that you've failed this new family of yours.

the one thing you do with usopp, and luffy combined, is act immaturely. you've never been able to do it before, at least not in the same capacity as you do with the boys. you've no trouble drinking and acting like a fool with usopp, spilling vital bits of information that you otherwise wouldn't share with the others. usopp is loyal and trustworthy, though you still don't tell him about your family. when usopp leaves the crew unexpectedly, believing himself to be useless and weak, its you that tries to get him to see otherwise. you can't really imagine the going merry without usopp, without any of them. he's stronger than he thinks he is, plus, he is your friend. you used to think you would't leave your friends behind. the worst thing about you is that you can't take your own advice and your self-sacrificing nature often leads you into making rash decisions. but, like usopp, you really believed that you were doing what was best to save your crew. your situations are a little different though, aren't they? you desperately tried to stop usopp from leaving the crew yet you rejected everyone's attempts at doing the same for you.


CHOCOLATE doesn't really have much of a place inside a lunch box, but you put it there anyway. dessert isn't really an important food but you have heard something to the effects that chocolate is good for your mood. since setting sail on the going merry you've started making desserts more and more often. chopper is obsessed with confectioneries and you've felt almost obligated to try and indulge him. why not, you've indulged everyone else in their dietary preferences. you, you'll eat pretty much anything--a small, starving child doesn't have any business being picky. though, for what its worth, you cook more sophisticated dishes these days than you used to get at home. initially, you thought chopper something that could be cooked; you feel guilty for it now. though, that doesn't stop you from referring to him as an 'emergency food source'--to which he always reacts so perfectly. chopper is the one that you feel the most kinship with, though you'd never say that out loud or to anyone else. he's the male crew member that you treat the best, for his innocence and genuine personality. not to mention, he admires you, and that's always a surefire way into your heart. besides that, however, because of his childish nature, he gets the most of your protection.

chopper is simplistic in nature but he's genuine and endearing, he's open to your advice and so you try and teach him all the things that zeff has taught you through the years: when a woman lies, a real man forgives her; don't stomp on a man's pride by showing him pity in the face of defeat. he takes your advice to heart and that feels better than anything. frankly, you have a similar past--he, too, was rejected for who he was. you've promised yourself that you will always accept others, even the shitty parts of themselves they want to hide. it hurts you to act so cruelly to your crew and disappointing chopper kills you. you don't want to see his face, you don't want to hear how upset he is when you leave and reject your crew. if only he knew that you were doing it to protect them, as you always have. he won't be able to hide behind your legs or receive your assurance, but in some ways you hope that he'll come to understand why.


RICE & SAKE are generally staples, easy to digest, filling in their own right. plus, who doesn't love a drink now and then? maybe not particularly nutritious, though its been said that alcohol does the body good sometimes. rice is a poor man's food, its cheap and easy to make, and sometimes its just the right thing to eat. admittedly, you've been known to suck back a bowl of rice late at night when you can't sleep; sometimes the shity marimo is there to join you, drinking during guard duty. out of all your crew mates, you argue with zoro the most. he's a pain in the ass; stubborn and full of himself. your egos clash. mostly, you're pretty civil to one another and you accept him as part of the crew. you respect one another's abilities and you know that he's an insanely talented swordsman--truthfully, you also support his dream of being the greatest swordsman and, out of you all, he has the best chance at achieving his dream as he's halfway there already. its nice to know that he also respects your fighting prowess. you tow are rivals and its been that way pretty much since day one. there's a lot you like about zoro, truthfully, and you sometimes spend nights with him in the crows nest just sitting around drinking and sometimes talking. despite all your competition, this rivalry that has become something fun for you along the way, you've figured him out on a personal level. well, to some degree, at least. unless a person tells you face to face, can you really know someone completely? like the rest, there's a kinship that is definitely not a thing to be broken.

together you are an unstoppable force and there's merit in that. a tag-team duo of fighters, you're arguably two of the best fighters on the going merry, not to mention, a combination that surely can't be beat. you admire zoro's resolve and dedication to his dream, it feels like your own dedication even in the face of abject failure. there are times where you question how he views your friendship as he is seemingly indifferent to most things; he'd be loathe to admit that he had a softer side, but you know its there. god forbid zoro ever look uncool. will he forgive you for leaving the way you did? you feel incomplete without all of them but, in some ways, you've grown very dependent on zoro and what he can lend to you in a tough situation. while he's full of wise remarks and obnoxious tendencies, you've fought so often by his side that it almost feels weird to do it alone now. honestly, you wouldn't blame him, or anyone else, for hating you now. essentially, you turned your back on your crew, as far as they know. you've been through too much together, too much with all of them, and betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow. maybe, one day, you'll be able to explain yourself. you tell yourself you don't care what the dumb marimo thinks, but like all the rest, his opinion of you is just as important. somehow the idea of zoro treating you coldly because of it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.


FALLING IN LOVE is a chore that's never easy. you've never put much stock into it as you fall in and out of "love" with the beautiful women around you all the time. you don't really stop to think that maybe there's a reason for that and maybe you're a so-called 'womanizer' because you want to fill your life with something you'd been missing for thirteen years. no, not you. not the ever-charming and suave 'black leg' sanji. couldn't possibly be it, right? you've an infatuation for the women of the world, from the mermaids on fishman island to the two women that travel with you on a daily basis. robin is tough and takes no shit, nami is caring and almost delicate, but do you ever truly feel like you're in love with either of them? not really. you say its that because its the easiest thing to do. loving one of the girls is just the simplest way to feel more connected to the world around you; plus, girls are beautiful. regardless, you have the mind over matter to convince yourself that you should be in love, instead, with charlotte pudding. marrying her is the only way to save the crew--and it kills you to be so cold and distant to them. it hurts worse than the way nami slaps you for being so rude to her. its better that way, you think, because you can't get them involved. its your fight with your family, not theirs.

but they're as persistent as ever; you figured they would be. maybe its something you'd been hoping for. you only felt distant from the straw hat pirates when you first joined, before you'd really figured out just what made each one of them tick. and maybe you still don't understand them completely, but you know enough to know that they wouldn't leave you behind to this fate. even after beating luffy to the ground, declaring that you're prince vinsmoke sanji, that you belong in the germa kingdom...he doesn't believe you. you can see it in his eyes, that he knows how much you're suffering. you're to be forced to marry her, to unite big mom's crew and the germa kingdom and that's a terrifying notion. big mom has over eighty-four children, each with their own children. your family is made up of only a few but with their genetically modified bodies and ability to command the military is equally as daunting. does luffy really need you to become the pirate king? he says he does and it tugs hard at your heartstrings, draws tears to your eyes. why did you choose to do this again? oh, right, to save them. anything to save them; your real family. the one you found along the way.

you couldn't have suspected charlotte of anything, really. with her sweet face and her kind words, she even brought luffy and the others here to try and get you out of this marriage. but there's explosive wristlets on your arms and you can't leave lest they destroy the way you go about the world--frankly, you knew it couldn't be that easy to be here, you should have known your father had something planned to keep you here. you feel like you can open up to charlotte, so you do. you just want someone to understand the predicament you're in, how much you ahte being of royal blood, how its never done you any good, and what your siblings really think of you. your face still hurts, your body still screams at you to stop and take a break. she seems so genuine and that's why her betrayal hurts worst of all. you hear it all, see it all; what charlotte really thinks of you, what she wants your family for. you hate your family, but you won't let them be ruined like that. her words tear into you piece by piece and drag you down--you thought that you'd finally found someone that really cared, that had seen your history and saw you as the person you were, and accepted you for it. turns out that things aren't, and won't ever, be that easy for you.

falling in love again is a luxury that you cannot afford.    


meet sanji, he is a disaster honestly. sanji is, formerly, a prince of the germa kingdom which is ruled by his father, judge vinsmoke. basically the vinsmokes are all altered humans with the ability to create a 'wall' of living humans in the kingdom, willing to give their lives to protect the vinsmokes. basically like mind control or submission and sanji is not about that live. abused by his siblings when he was younger, and his father, for being weak and feeble and a failure of a child, sanji was eventually proclaimed to be dead by his father and mourned. in reality, they threw a mask on him and locked him in the underground prison. long story short, sanji's only sister came by more and more often and eventually helped sanji escape. almost dying at sea, he was taken in by a pirate that gave his leg to save sanji's life. he grew up for thirteen years with this guy, considers him a father instead of his real father--he holds a lot of contempt for his family--and began working as a chef on the floating restaurant the baratie. it was there that he met luffy and the other straw hat pirates and the rest, as they say, is history. they've been on countless adventures and, just recently, sanji tried to ease matters with his family and big mom by getting married to her 35th daughter, charlotte; as it turned out, charlotte also thought him a weak failure, like his siblings, so he's riding on that disappointment and upset.

he's working as a chef at a restaurant in cascata and he's undoubtedly a really notorious chef for various reasons--he's great at it and also he kicks people's asses if they don't like his food or waste it or whatever. sanji himself usually seems to be a bit cold and standoffish when, in reality, he's actually a really kindhearted guy. he's generous and chivalrous, he never attacks women and he respects women like crazy--run-off from how much he loved and adored his soft, gentle mother. he's incredibly smart and thought to be something of a womanizer because he's charming and flirtatious. when it comes to fighting he's pretty brutal and he can't stand things like misogyny or anyone insulting and hurting women. he's also cocky and arrogant when the mood strikes and he's got a lot of confidence in himself and his abilities--for the most part, at least. he speaks in a composed manner, keeping a kind of calm, cool personality...even though he's a giant loser. he can show a childish side when it comes to enjoying himself, drinking, partying, and just getting excited over silly things. he's also 100% not afraid to show his emotions and he will cry over things that upset him.


so here's the thing, he may look hard to get along with and, sometimes, he is, but he's a really great friend to have. he can get kind of touchy with guys, depending on their personalities, but he can get along with so many different types of people. the thing with sanji is that he's not afraid to act cold or distant towards you if he feels like its for your benefit; so he can, and will, cut off relationships with you if he feels like he's doing you a disservice by being your friend. i'd love some kind of innocent friends for him, people he feels like he's gotta protect in some way. as well, sparring partners perhaps? honestly, sanji really is charming and endearing in his own way and i think he'd amass a wide-array of different types of friends that he does a lot of things with. some friends to cook for as guinea pigs, some friends to watch gushy movies with and cry, some friends to get into dumb arguments with. basically give the boy all the friends cause he's good and soft and deserves them.


first and foremost, you hurt women, and he's coming for your ass. if you're a misogynist, if you yell at a woman in his presence, if you insult one, if you act physically violent towards a woman when he's around, he's going to kick your ass. that being said, even if there's a woman he doesn't get along with, he won't hurt her because he was raised to never hurt a woman. even one that's going to kill him, so that's a huge weak point. he doesn't always get along with other guys mostly because he can be a sarcastic and cocky asshole and he's not afraid to get into a fight. he basically talks a lot of shit and has the skills to back it up. i don't see him pissing people off on purpose, but he can be a pain in the ass sometimes.


oh boy, this is a mess. so he's portrayed as a womanizer and he adores women to no end, but its always puppy-love with the women he obsesses over. nami and robin are two of his best friends and while he flirts with them relentlessly, he's never truly been in love with them. he thought he was falling in love with charlotte, so his heart was legitimately broken when she turned out to be a betrayer. he will flirt with women like crazy, sometimes to obnoxious lengths; he can also be a little bit TOO much when it comes to admiring women. in reality he's always been a little bit confused about where his true intentions lay and to say he's never flirted with a guy would be an outright lie. a lot of his affection for women stems from the fact he never really had any great female role models in his life past his mother and she was everything to him. mostly i think, while he loves women, he loves the idea of women more. so, basically, he'll flirt with women a lot, he'll gawk at women, but they make better friends to him--and granted, he'll flirt with his female friends a lot as long as they're 18+--and he'll also start flirting more actively with men cause hey, there's pretty guys in the world too. as for long term, there's some stupid marimo that's going to have the honor of being sanji's boyfriend or, yanno, something. aka lauz and eff are zosan shippers and i want to die.

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anything goes, just hit me up. i will only do smut with of age partners.



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cardia + sanji VINSMOKE SANJIIt's okay, Lauz, I love you anyway! Honestly, Cardia absolutely needs more friends, especially without her harem here or whatever. I am down for gentle flirting because Cardia is cute when flustered. :3c but of course I am also just very down for the two of them protecting each other in different ways. Cardia very much means well as a gentle soul, but she is still with plenty of resolve. She dreams big, and wants to see others happy, so she definitely has some ferocity in her too, especially when loved ones are threatened, and ultimately they could become family to one another in a way, which I am always super gay for. Plus Cardia is the guardian princess of rebirth, so basically royalty in her own way too, so extra cute royal faux sibling vibes eventually! click here to reply to my shipper

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