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Posted by: lauz Jul 19th 2016 10:40AM
threads, characters, etc.
there's no fancy form to fill out here, and you don't need to give us a reason, but this thread is for moderation concerning characters or threads, or anything. if you need a character deleted (please link us to their shipper, any threads, any want ads, etc), or the username changed, if something goes wrong with your account, if you need your group changed, please post here with your changes!
whisk away your heartsigh

Posted by: KEELER Jul 20th 2018 12:33PM
dropping this boy. /: I will move all his things when I get on my laptop.

Edit: moved all his things.

Posted by: KOGITSUNEMARU Jul 20th 2018 06:01PM
unfortunately i've got a lot on my plate right now and muse is a fickle thing. i'll be dropping these two for the time being:



Edit: eff took care of these too.

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