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 bad moon on the rise, marvel comics kids!



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fandom marvel comics
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age 21
occupation burglar
prefers she/her
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maybe you? flirty
played by Noah
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these requests are for marvel comics! of course there are TONS of more characters, but these are the ones that came to mind first. I do want to note that (1) mj and peter are not engaged yet based on where felicia is pulled out of the timeline, but might have happened after she left and (2) the marvel's divas line has not happened and probably will not due to felicia not being there, but i really want this group of four ladies to have the same rapport as they did in the comics!!

and of course, if you have any questions, holler at me here via pm, skype, or discord! <3

feliciahardy val thief capitol
burglar. damaged. too flirty for her own good. will kick your ass with no hesitation. cat lady. loved peter.
peterparker open open open
the man, the myth, the legend: spider-man. broke felicia’s heart. most likely in a relationship with mj.
mary janewatson open open open
class clown and party animal. bad childhood. loves peter. probably does not have a great relationship with felicia due to their shared interest.
angelicajones open open open
part of the lady squad from marvel’s divas. kickass energy powers. romantic. independent.
patriciawalker open open open
part of the lady squad from marvel’s divas. daydreamer. can detect magic beings and items. conflicted.
monicarambeau open open open
part of the lady squad from marvel’s divas. strong sense of duty towards public. energy and wavelength powers. driven.

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