you're probably wondering where you are and, well, you're not alone. wherever you came from, you should probably forget it, because there's no way to get back there now that you're here. elysion is run by mayor octavius fleetwood and his five representatives from the other sectors around what is known as the capitol. each sector has its own theme, its own wonders to offer, so you should probably go grab yourself a brochure and figure out where you want to live. the capitol is the largest and the most urban of them all, a veritable concrete jungle full of people. there's terminus, the sci-fi world of your dreams; halcyon, the sector of magic and wonder; zephyr, the wide open range of natural charm; cascata, full of beaches and houses on the sea; vesper, a sector like something out of a gothic victorian fairytale; or maybe you'd like to be a wayfarer, traveling from place to place. finally, there is pandora, the outskirts of the hospitable areas, and we definitely don't suggest you go there, unless you're itching for a dangerous time. don't worry though, there are plenty of people like yourself here, and you'll fit in as well as the rest. welcome to the world of elysion, this is your new home.
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everything you need to know about playing on heartsigh can be located here. please make sure to read all our rules and all our lore before you start your shipper. any questions should be directed towards our staff.
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rules LAUZ Aug 3 2016, 09:44 PM
here are all the boards in which you'll be posting your shippers. either finished, if you're totally complete or in progress if you're working on it. there's also the pending forum which is where you'll be moved if there's anything off about your shipper.
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WHY EVEN ASK? SANDER COHEN Today at 12:45 am
here you're going to find the canon list as well as the occupation claim and member directory. all those things are mandatory. however, you'll also find the awards claim which is not mandatory, but really fun no less.
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awards KAIOH MICHIRU Yesterday at 09:53 pm
all our shippers are located here and divided by usergroups. check them out, stay a while, come plot with all our fabulous characters!
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once upon a lie KAIOH MICHIRU Yesterday at 09:59 pm
want ads are a great way to get into a site and be immediately involved, so don't be afraid to check these out! inside are all the characters that everyone wants to be made and we'd super love for you to scope them out.
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The Hungry Happy Bunch YONA Yesterday at 02:54 pm
whether it is through cell phone or instant messenger, all comm threads are to be placed here.
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keep breathing KAZUKI FERRARI Mar 26 2017, 10:32 AM
here you can make your own thread to keep track of your character's threads, relationships, and whatever you like. we suggest using this, as its super handy to know what threads you have to reply to!
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music on my mind KAIOH MICHIRU Yesterday at 11:32 am
any sort of character development you want to do should be done here; that includes random muse threads, journals, and interactions between your own characters.
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ღ War of hearts ღ NORA VALKYRIE Mar 23 2017, 12:20 AM
the downtown area of the capitol contains several restaurants and cafés for your dining enjoyment, as well as a great deal of shopping available. the local school provides a great place for younger citizens to pass their time and get a proper education. the police department is located downtown for all your safety needs and the terminal for the train station of the capitol is also located in the downtown district.
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Cold As Ice ELSA Mar 25 2017, 09:52 PM
the uptown area of the capitol features many different things for the adventurous soul. the mayor of the capitol has his office in the more lavish part of town. there are several quaint boutiques for your shopping needs, as well as restaurants and cafés to satisfy your hunger. there are also clubs that boast a variety of events from day to well into the night.
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GIVE-AND-TAKE DEACON Mar 27 2017, 01:20 PM
find yourself looking for something to do outside of your usual plans, look no further than the entertainment opportunities that can be found in the capitol. the capitol prides itself on it's zoo and aquarium which host a plethora of flora and fauna from all of the different sectors, along with the museum that holds most of the history of elysion itself. as well as a mall and movie theater to take your mind off of the more mundane tasks.
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You Are The Goddess That Fr... KAIOH MICHIRU Yesterday at 11:19 am
the most important park in the entirety of the capitol and it stretches for miles. full of lush greenery and various little things to do on the inside, fengrove park is definitely a hotspot; from warm, summer days, to cool, winter nights.
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from downtown apartments to uptown large-scale mansions, the capitol is essentially a huge city inside with most of the apartment complexes bordering the busy city, and then homes and mansions far along its borders.
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SAY [M]Y NAME KAGAMI TAIGA Mar 21 2017, 02:28 AM
sitting in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, flanked by both ESS and NERVE is the central hub. this is the main center of activity and its almost like stepping inside a mall.
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[m]no faith in happy endings AWASHIMA SERI Mar 27 2017, 06:39 PM
the powerhouse of elysion can be seen for miles around due to its dancing neon lights at any given time. more notable at night for being something of a beacon, NERVE is literally the nervous system of all of elysion. all the technology that you see, all the power for everything that needs electricity, gets it from terminus' NERVE system. the building is the tallest around, can be seen from almost every sector. at two in the morning, other than the streetlights and any lights in apartments, NERVE is the only building that lights up the sky.
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hello trouble NEOPOLITAN Feb 7 2017, 04:18 PM
elysion support systems is a very important for the world and offers a wide array of support for basically everything in elysion. whether it be the vehicles you drive, including public transportation, or any device you may hold, there are mechanics and people ready to answer your calls at all times. not to mention, there are quite a few medical professionals in this building, as well as people that can help you get settled in any sector you choose. this is basically a lifeline for everyone.
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button mash DEACON Mar 11 2017, 05:37 PM
these towers are strange in their design and they were built to sort of bring a bit more flora and fauna into terminus. not that the sector doesn't have any, it has oasis and its park, but all the same, the mayor felt it wise to bring some beauty and nature into the structures of terminus. lotus towers is a living area that really only the most wealthy can afford; the top of each tower is complete with a garden--the representative and his guardians live on the top floors of one of the lotus towers.
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oasis is the only place in terminus with naturally occurring water. said water comes from the waterfall in halcyon via underground estuaries so, as you can imagine, it shares mirror lake's reflective properties. the water from the lake here helps nurture the flora in gateway park, which has grown huge due to how nutrient rich the water is.
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After the Game MOTOMIYA DAISUKE Yesterday at 04:06 am
these buildings located all over terminus are owned by one company, spooling, and their apartments house everyone in terminus. there's no room for homes, so apartments are a necessity. each apartment is the same amount of space, unless you're willing to pay more for a double, which takes up two normal sized apartments.
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the main square is the absolute epicenter of halcyon. upon first arrival you're greeted by colorful people and places all around you. visit some of the local's favorite restaurants, or spend a nice relaxing afternoon by mirror lake. halcyon's main square is always busy and always exciting!
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feast fit for a king FLYNN RIDER Yesterday at 04:43 pm
the darker side of halcyon, certainly--evion alley is closed away down a dark alleyway and through a two way mirror that anyone who didn't know better would walk right on by, without a second thought.
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Fate or Fortune? NEOPOLITAN Mar 23 2017, 01:59 PM
the library is one of the most important landmarks in halcyon, hugely important for anyone having an interest in spells, history, hobbies--you name it. the library is an impressive building, large and multi-floored, and it's as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. certainly one of the tourist attractions in halcyon, but keep your voice down, please!
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AKEMI HOMURA Feb 20 2017, 07:53 AM
the waterfall got it's name from the large rocks that run down the side of it, creating places for the more daring citizens to jump off of into the glassy water below. there is ample grassy areas around the waterfall that make it a popular relaxation spot complete with a campground for activities and overnight guests. locals claim that the water itself has magical healing properties, but there has never been any evidence to actually support these theories.
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the story is that one doesn't venture into the hallowed forest at night. too many people have gone missing and never to be heard from again in the dense forest. whether it's terrifying beasts or a spell that falls over the trees that causes one to lose their sense of direction, it's usually safest to go with a guide if one wants to come out unscathed.
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[x] soul meets body KINDRED Mar 21 2017, 05:54 PM
the homes in halcyon are spread all over the place; some have apartments above various stores and restaurants, others have houses on the outskirts of the main square.
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Your Voice Is A Screa[m]ing... ROY MUSTANG Mar 23 2017, 08:14 PM
this is the place you don't want to go—ironview penitentiary is a giant iron prison wrapped inside towering, pinnacle rocks. the inside was carved right out to make room for the massive structure and its used to hold all elysion's most dangerous criminals. jailbreaks are not unheard of, which is probably the scariest thing of all.
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---- --
the illthyia colony is the largest and most prominent colony founded in pandora. it is run-down and not at all safe, but it still gets power from terminus enough to keep it lit day and night.
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Make Them Bleed AXTON Mar 25 2017, 10:17 PM
gloomy and saturated with darkness at all times, the trees here always look like the have faces and its guaranteed that you'll always feel like you're being watched. are you? well, no one's really quite sure, but there are quite a few things that go bump in the night that you should watch out for.
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Short change Hero NORA VALKYRIE Mar 27 2017, 10:54 AM
a strange phenomenon that people say is a runoff from halcyon; across the expanse of heated desert are giant crystals that shoot up through the sand. probably the most beautiful thing still left in pandora.
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DEVOUR TO SURVIVE SKOLAS Yesterday at 02:56 am
as one can guess, most of pandora is wild and savage, veritably unable to be tamed by most standards. there are adventurers always finding new things in the wilds of pandora, but sometimes at great cost.
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[UN]TRUST ANA AMARI Mar 26 2017, 02:37 PM
one of the few actual towns in zephyr, corvid is home to a large variety of people. the town was formed as a meeting place for the farmers at one point before people started to actually live there because they'd grown tired of traveling to simply talk to one another. now corvid is the bustling hub of activity in zephyr and is where most of the businesses, outside of agricultural ones, can be found here.
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ELEMENTARY MIKLEO Yesterday at 03:44 pm
the highest peaks in all of zephyr, the silo mountains are named for their resemblance to the great silos farmers use to store their crops. a wide variety of weather can occur on the mountains at one time - snowing at the peaks to bright and sunny at the foot of the mountains. it takes an adventurous heart to reach the top of them and only a few have completed the task.
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sometimes I wonder whats be... SOREY Yesterday at 03:43 pm
a very large valley aptly named for the flowers that bloom throughout, the location is a favorite for those who wish to have a quiet time enjoying nature. the flowers bloom all year round and the fragrant rose smell can be caught on the breeze and carried to corvid on days of good weather.
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Spring Days RAVEN Yesterday at 04:44 am
exactly as the name describes, it is a very large space of clear land. it once belonged to an old farmer who when he died he donated it for the zephyr citizens to use as they pleased. instead of developing it, they left the land untouched, using the open space for activities instead.
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all of me HAK Yesterday at 03:21 pm
the wide open spaces in zephyr are called the ranges. there is land for miles around with valleys and dips, hills and plains, mountains and caves.
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ships launch on changing winds SPYRO Mar 7 2017, 09:24 AM
it's no shock that this city was named for all the lilypads that cover the surface of the water that the city sits on top of. it's a rather expansive system of boardwalks and buildings that sit just above or just under the water. there's several parts of the city that are underwater and the locals enjoy their aquatic counterparts and consider them a part of life. much of the city consists of exactly what you'd expect for a waterside town, complete with a boardwalk full of shopping and many tourist traps.
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No Rest For the Wicked GAARA Mar 25 2017, 09:25 PM
bayside park is the section of cascata that's almost entirely for relaxation and enjoyment! located on the side of a mountain right off the ocean, it's filled with beautiful flora and fauna, and the sounds of the waterpark can be heard for miles. at the top of the mountain of bayside park is a more peaceful retreat, the hot springs--a sauna for those who aren't as interested in a long day at marlin cove, or, a great place to simmer down afterwards.
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---- --
nearly every beach in cascata is in pristine condition and the locals make sure that they are always clean. they fear nothing more than pollution clogging the water and killing their way of living, so they take care to prevent that. as a popular destination spot, there are several beaches with equipment set up - chairs, umbrellas, volleyball courts, lifeguards. however, quite a few are left untouched to maintain the natural beauty of the beach, though they are still open to visitors.
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[ GREAT DAYS ] SORA Mar 27 2017, 01:10 PM
the ultimate concert hall in all of elysion, the floating coliseum is not only a place for entertainment, but it's a giant mall, hotel, restaurant pavilion and movie theater all in one. it's a vast structure that sits on the water, separate from lilypad city, and it's hugely impressive and multi-functional. spend the day shopping and eating at fabulous seafood restaurants before catching your concert at night and staying over afterwards!
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---- --
one of the more secluded spots of cascata, it is still a place that many people go to relax. the mangroves sit atop some of the murkier water in all of cascata, but that is only due to the amount of plant and animal life living among their roots. however the main attraction to the mangroves is when the sun has set and the moon has risen, the tiny phytoplankton light up the water anytime it is disturbed. the mangroves also separate cascata from the darker vesper.
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the east side of vesper is the upper scale portion of the sector, it's where wealthy members of society live and spend all of their hard earned (or not so hard earned) money. the east side is decadent, ornate, and certainly the place to be if you're anyone important, in fact, most people won't even look at you unless you seem to belong there, so make sure if you're visiting, you dress the part.
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TEA LEAVES. DANIEL Feb 24 2017, 09:19 PM
the west side of vesper is on the poorer side and way more affordable for most of the people that choose to move here. its strangely homey, despite how run-down everything seems to be. however, crime is very prominent here and homes are always getting broken into. there is nothing shiny and ornate about anything here, despite its general victorian gothic feel.
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Memories Like Glass AMÉLIE LACROIX Mar 25 2017, 09:51 PM
the north side of vesper is filled with high gothic architecture, tall towers seem to reach up to the skies, and it's absolutely an imposing part of the sector. not to mention it's seated right below a (now) inactive volcano, which had previously decimated the area in the past. there are old ruins around, higher up on the volcano's terrain, but now that it's considered safe to inhabit once again, people have begun to move back to the northern side.
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the south side rivals the west side in its state of decay but with the added bonus of smelling like fish. places on the south side open and close much earlier than anywhere else, since people that live here are generally either fishermen or house cleaners. seagulls are heard almost all of the time down by the wharf and it can be an irritating place to be. however, you'll see the most beautiful sunsets on the south side.
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any threads that take place in an alternate universe to heartsigh's own can be found here. from royalty aus to serial killer aus, we welcome them all.
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Don't Wake The[m]- Expe... DIRK STRIDER Mar 27 2017, 08:16 PM
these threads are canon, they just take place in either your character's past or future.
36 topics
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inside our general forum you'll find our boards for intros, absences, and games. as well, you can post whatever kind of discussions you want here; even polls to see who your new characters should be. whatever you like, post it here!
81 topics
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our archives consist of old threads, shippers, and everything else under the sun. we don't get rid of anything, though we clean these out periodically into a hidden forum that can be accessed if you need your stuff back!
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whether you're linking first or linking back, come post your advertisements here. you can also find our affiliation thread inside.
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affiliation the landlord Mar 27 2017, 07:17 PM